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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello! My name is Zach, and i wanna share with you my story about quitting cigarettes. The first time i tried an Analog or a tobacco cigarette I was 13 years old, becasue thats what all of my freinds were doing, and i wanted to fit in. I knew it was bad, i knew both of my parents and my sister were all addicted to them, but I still didnt care. I just wanted to be cool. I became a regular smoker and was up to a pack a day at the age of 14. Reading that aloud now is just horrific. I remember seeing the disposable electric cigarettes, or e-cigs, and whenever i puffed them it didnt give me that same nicotine rush that a normal analog would. Then one day in early October of 2012, one of my freinds came up with an Ego Twist, a Variable voltage electic ciggarete (meaning you can manually change the volatage on it for a bigger or smaller hit), and he told me that you were able to pick out any flavor juice you want and that they had different nicotine levels. I tried his, and it tstaed identical to the soda Mountain Dew. I was blown away. Now, when i tried his, i wasnt to fond of the way the water vapor felt in my lungs, so i didnt jump on the bandwagon right away and grab one, but it did make me wonder wether i could quit or not. A couple months before this i was told my grandmother had lung cancer, and not very long to live. When i visited her, I walked into her house and all i could smell was cigarettes. Now at the time yes, I still smoked, but walking into my grandmas house who can barely breathe, watching her struggle to walk arounf the house with a breathing tube attached to her nose, sit down, take the tube out and lite up a ciggarete blew my mind. She knew she had lung cancer from smoking, she could barely breathe, and was still doing this to herself. Right then and there I knew I needed to quit, but couldnt do it. I honestly dont know how many times I tried and couldnt. She passed away in late october of that year, and on that day i decided I was going to do it, that I needed to do it now before it was too late. Before i physically and mentally could not quit. That same day i went out to a gas statoin and bought a disposable e-cig for i think 8$, (which was a complete waste of money, it just made me want to smoke more) then remembered my about the one my friend had. The day i bought my last pack of cigarettes was October 21, 2012. My body in general feels better, healthier. I dont cough up any more black gunk in the mornings, my breathing is back to normal, my heart rate isnt irregular anymore, I don’t smell all the time, my taste/breath is extremely better… I just feel all around.. better. And I’m proud to say, I did it.