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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking a 7 years ago when I joined the military and have been despratly trying to quit. Nothing seemed to work at all. the patch was the only thing that came close but it did not addres the issue of what to do with my hands or the anxiety I had. With the patch you had to wait hours some times for it to work and the only way to stop the cravings wile waiting for your patch to work is to smoke . Because the patch is regulated and taxed it is verry expencive to contiue its use and I am not rich by far so it proved to be a much to expencive smoking cessation product. I could not continue its use and I found myself still smoking wile useing it. Thats when I discovered e cigaretts and the ecf forum. I joined the forum and the casaa and bought myself a quality e cig. It was a itaste mvp and a kanger protank along with a bottle of friut flavored e juice. After vaping on my new e cig for a day I could not imagine going back to regular cigarettes, I even tried to smoke a regular cig a few time and could not do it ! After only one day of vaping the flavor of tobacco was to terrible for me to handle and I could not understand why I ever smoked at all! Since I have been vaping I have found myself breathing better running faster and my cough is gone. My health has over all improved by leaps and bound, I even decreased my 2 mile run time by almost 2 min and increased my army pt score by over 50 points ! As of now I only use fruit and simple candy flavors like chocolate caramel vanilla and bakery flavors like cinnamon bun and custard pie because I cant stand the taste or smell of tobacco any more. Right now my main concern is that e cigs and e juice will be taxed to the point that I can no longer aford them and will cost more than smoking real cigarettes forcing me to go back to smoking and hurting myself again. Or even worse banning all the flavors I like and useing the children as a shield excuse to do it. I do not like tobacco any more I cant stand the flavor if fruit and candy flavors were banned and only tobacco flavors remained what would be the point ? I quit smoking because its horrible and taste bad, why would I want to be forced by the government to taste it again when I vape ? Might as well go back to smoking if that happens. I can not afford another tax especialy one target at people trying to better there life by quiting smoking, nore do I want to be told by the government what flavor I can and can not taste when I use my vaporizer…. That is rediculous. I mean the nicotine gum comes in plenty of flavors doesnt it ? How well do you think it would sell if it was tobacco flavored? Sounds to me like they are just trying to put people out of buisness and get people back on there regulated products and tobacco to keep there tax revenue up. I also can not understand why the e cig is being called a tobacco product, if it is could you show me where the tobacco is ? Because I know mine has no tobacco in it nor can tobacco be even used in it. It it a nicotine product, and nicotine comes from more than just tobacco. The tomato contains plenty of nicotine and so do manny many other fruits and vegetables. so texting it as a tobacco product thinking because it contains nicotine does not make any sense by those standards in the tomato potato even eggplant and a whole slew of other vegetables by your standards are also tobacco products and should be taxed because they contain nicotine. and what about the E juice that does not contain nicotine ? will that still be taxed it has no nicotine in it therefore it must not be a tobacco product right? juice with no nicotine is basically a food product it contains basic food ingredients such as vegetable glycerin and glycol and propylene glycol based food flavoring the same found in most of your everyday average pre packaged foods. I also get a kick out of when people call propylne glycol an antifreeze and try to demonize it as a bad chemical…. yes it is used in anti freeze the kind we use in our drinking water, it’s also used for medical injections it has been used in medical inhaler and nebulizers and in food flavorings for decades and has been proven safe for human consumption many many times. vegetable glycerin is a common bakery ingredients used in everything from skin care to pop tarts Shampoo and even pastries, the food flavorings used are no different than the ones used in everyday life you can find some of them in your own kitchen cabinet, the final ingredient is nothing more than pure nicotine without the other four thousand plus carcinogenic and deadly chemicals the tobacco companies add to it. nicotine by itself is about as harmless as caffeine and can be bought by anybody over the Internet. the e cigarette is nothing more then a clean nicotine vapor that you breathe as a result of the e juice being evaporated. I know that I would much rather inhale water vapor containing some basic food products and pure nicotine tailored to my required level, than inhale the burning smoke from a tobacco co cigarette with cancer causing tar and containing over 4,000 other dangerous chemicals…. Wouldnt you? Organic vegetable glycerin Food grade propylene glycol Regular food flavorings Pure nicotine Thats whats in an e cig Do you know whats in your tobacco cigarette? Do they even have to tell you ?