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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Where do I start. I’m 53 yrs old, had smoked close to 35 yrs. Have been trying to quit, since I was 45, took classes, a couple rounds, of Chantix, wellbutrin, you name it, I tried it. Wanted to be done with these awful cigs, by the time I turned 50. Couldn’t do it, I’m a very hyper person, was a workaholic too. Wish they had banned cigarettes 50 plus years ago. I tried again, & again. My health was getting worse & worse, I had seen these E-cigs,last summer,but could not afford them, got put on the back burner. I ended up in the hospital in Jan 2013, cut literally in half, to remove 1/2 of my diseased lung,due to COPD,& the steroids, for making me susceptible to Mycobacteria. The hospital gave me the METRO e-cig, I haven’t smoked a cigarette since, Jan.11. I have NTM lung disease, or known as MAC lung disease, (non-tuberculosis Mycobacteria NTM ) or MAC mycobacterium avium complex), the e-cig has been a life saver to me,as the bad habit of smoking, has nearly killed me. It has been 4 months now, & I’m still on the Metro e-cig, I thank God, for another chance at life, every day. I DO NOT miss the awful smell of cigarettes, and anything to do with them. I am thankful for the Metro e-cig… I had NO CHOICE, please help other people with these e-cigs, they really do work.