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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I grew up in a home with two parents who smoked like freight trains! I have been a smoker since I was 11 years old. At the age of 17 I was smoking 1 – 1 1/2 packs per day which I have never slowed down since. I’m 43 years old now. I wanted to quit when I had children. I tried quitting cold turkey during my pregnancies. Both of which only lasted a week – 2 weeks max. I could have gotten as big as my house as much as I ate not to mention the mood swings! I didn’t even give in on my own. My husband brought a carton in and threw it at me stating YOU NEED THIS. As I got older I noticed it was taking it’s toll on my health and now I have grand children and want to be around to see them grow. I suffer chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumoia, severe acid re flux, barrettes esophagus,of course shortness of breath with exercise and/or activity, and beginning stages of COPD just to name a few issues. With all the issues I tried yet again and again to quit smoking. I have tried several fake cigarettes, patches, and gums. I would never resort to pills! With time I decided I was never going to be able to quit. Instead of feeling like a failure I decided I loved it and would never give it up. I told those I love most like it because I did it when you met me. I smoke inside my home and would hear people complain of the odor and I would tell them to leave if they don’t like it or just don’t come over. The list of complaints from family/friends just goes on and on. The shameful moments of standing outside to smoke while trying to vacation/visit with family friends is endless. Going to church knowing I reek of smoke yikes! This list also goes on and on… I loved my grandma to pieces. She was the most important person ever to me. About 12 years ago I watched her die a slow painful death at just 70 years old. She died of emphazema caused by smoking. She told me several times give it up while I can because there would be a time I wouldn’t be able to..boy was she right! It was heart breaking to hear the dr say she would’ve easily lived another 20 years if she hadn’t smoked. About 5 years ago I also watched my brother in law die at just 60 years of age same issue. I seen my sister in law suffer every day caring for him as his health deteriorated. I felt so bad for her being left all alone when he passed. Today I still see her cry for him. It’s heart breaking! I’ve often had breathing problems, coughing, and illnesses that made me think I’m headed down that road… get ready! Then last year my dr said I now have the beginning stages of COPD.. yes that’s the beginning of the end for my grandma and brother in law. Yet, I still could not put cigs down! This past May I went to visit my grand daughter. Our daughter in law told me I needed to try the vapor cigarette. I laughed inside myself thinking right! I tried hers and much to my surprise I liked it! I tried several so called e cigs that were just nasty tasting. So she took me to the vape shop and there I tried several flavors and decided to buy myself a starter pack. Of course my husband allows it not telling me he thinks it’ll be a waste of money. He too never believed I would quit. I had just bought a carton of cigarettes and I continued to smoke them up for the next week. During that week I kept telling him and myself I’m not letting them go to waste. We both silently knew I would soon be buying another carton! So after the week was up my cigarettes were just about gone. I kept a few in a pack and decided to pick up my ego ecig. Much to my surprise I used my vape for the day. I had a real cig after each meal and that was it. The next day I had one that morning and used my vape the rest of the day. The 3rd morning I jumped out of bed, grabbed my real cig, lit it up, and ewww!! I wanted my vape. Wow!! I couldn’t believe it! My husband commented a couple times he was surprised how little I was smoking. I tossed my last pack of real cigs out and said no more! About a week later I decided to buy a pack because I wanted to know if I would still enjoy it. I guess some how I was really looking to fail. I lit one up and it was gross, I couldn’t stand the taste, I tried to smoke it and realized it was making me nauseous. I smoked 1/2 of it and threw it out. Shortly after I had the worst headache ever! At that point I KNEW I succeeded at quitting and quitting for good! It has now been 2 months. I do NOT desire a real cig at all. It doesn’t bother me to be around smokers as in it doesn’t make me want one but I do NOT like the smell of it! I originally started out with a nicotine level of 18 then tried some with a level of 12. I kept switching back and forth and now like the 12 most. I have now ordered some flavors with a level of 6 and intend to switch back and forth between the 12 and 6. I hope to get it to 0. However, I will say I do NOT intend on quitting vaping entirely. I only intend to get to 0 because that is the only addictive/bad chemical in it. Advantages of switching to the ecig vapor *Comparing the price of my ejuice to cigs.. I SAVE 15X MY $ *Real cigs have 4000 chemicals 60 of which are cancer causing agents.. Vapor ecig has 1 harmful chemical (nicotine) which they say is such a small amount it does not affect those around me *I love the fact I can take my vape any where with me *I’m not at all ashamed to use it in public *My home is smelling better *my grand kids call it an air freshener (we love to decide which flavor is the best!) *I am more active *Shortness of breath has already improved much! *Acid re flux has improved *I did get a cold.. it did not turn into pneumonia and I was over it in a week not a month! *My husband (aww he kisses me more!), family, and friends are all proud of me! And I am proud of me too. I feel so much better about myself! *Smoke free hotel/motel rooms! Nice 🙂 Again this list can keep going on and on…. I have shown all of my smoking family and friends my vapor ecig. With some of the $ I haven’t spent on real cigs I have purchased starter sets of the ecigs for some family and friends who have shown interest. My son has been a smoker for about 5 years now. He played around with my ecig a little. I bought him one and within a couple days he no longer smokes at all. I have a friend in her mid 60’s who smokes 2-3 packs per day. I took her one of my vapor ecigs to try out. She now uses the vapor ecig and within 2 days is smoking just 3 cigs a day. I only gave her nicotine level of 12. It’s been two weeks and she’s doing great. Her husband and her hug me every time they see me and tell me how thankful they are. Her husband has told me both of them have experienced positive health changes. He suffered bad allergies to the smoke and some times would feel like he couldn’t breathe. Some mornings he couldn’t open his eyes because they hurt so much from her smoke. He now said he hasn’t had any allergy issues! And of course he loves the smell of the vapor! I’m also sending a starter set to my step son and his wife. Both are extremely excited and patiently waiting for it to arrive! If anyone asks what I am smoking and is interested I give them all the details they need to get it! I will say along with all the chemicals in a cig that are addicting it’s also habit as far as motions. We are putting something to our mouths, blowing smoke, the motion of grabbing for the cig, lighting it, a constant feeling of something in your mouth, constantly making sure it’s with you etc… I get ALL of this from my ecig. I believe with that and the nicotine in it is why I was able to quit smoking so easily. To top it off I’m NOT constantly eating trying to fill a void of missing the cig. I’m no Dr but I do know I AM NOT ever going to smoke a real cig again!! I feel much better in a short period of time, it’s worth it both health wise and money wise.. I’m keeping my vape! Phillip Morris.. you will never see another penny from my pocket!