About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for over 35 years.I tried to quit a couple of times in the past using the patches but was unsuccessful. The first time I tried the patches it was back when they were first being studied and i was put in a study group by my doctor. During my use of the patches I was able to go from a pack and a half of cigarettes a day down to about half a pack a day usage. On one of my visit’s to the Doctor he asked how the patches were working out. i told him great I’m down to half a pack a day. He promptly took the patches away from me and explained that smoking while using the patches could cause serious health risks. A few years ago when Snus was introduced I picked some up for using during those time’s I couldn’t smoke. i noticed that while also using snus I would smoke but was again down to less then a pack a day of Cigarettes. then in January of 2013 a friend of my wife’s gave her an e-cigarette to try. we were at a place we couldn’t smoke so I tried it out that day and it seemed to work for me. I didn’t think anything about it until a couple of weeks later when I was moving a mattress upstairs to a spare bedroom. After 1 flight of stairs I was huffing and puffing. I decided at that time I had to make a change and I remembered the e-cigarette we had tried. I ordered a starter kit from an on-line retailer. I received my starter kit on February 10th 2013 at 2pm. I went to work that day and only took the starter kit with me. when I got home that night at 11pm i sat down and lit a cigarette. After smoking half of it I told my wife that it didn’t even taste good and put it out. I haven’t had a cigarette since that time. It has been a struggle at time’s but due to the e-cigarette I’ve managed to actually stay off cigarettes for the first time in over 35 years. I have noticed that I can breathe a lot easier and I’m able to be more active. My sense of smell and taste have returned and I don’t have a constant cough anymore. The people around me are happy I switched to an e-cigarette and don’t smell like smoke or have a constant cloud around me. I don’t think that -cigarettes are for everybody but I do know that after trying multiple times to quit smoking without success that I was finally able to do so and i consider my e-cigarette to be the primary reason I was able to quit