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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

dear reader,
I have been smoking most of my life 20 years to be precise, i felt so trapped and disgusted in my habit and how badly my health was deteriorating as I was obviously getting older, at 38 years old and in relatively ok health minus the cigarettes I used to find it hard to do strenuous tasks always out of breath, I also used to feel exhausting pains in my body or very early fatigue as a result of smoking cigarettes. i tried to give up so many times using nicotine replacement patches, nicotine gum, medication which made me feel worse, hypnotherapy, and other methods including trying to drop the habit cold to no avail.
then I found vaping and I found a community of like-minded people that helped me get vaping right to help me stay off the cigarettes, for a community that receives no funding they all received me with open arms as trivial as that may be to someone that hasn’t suffered from a type of addiction which is what this really is it helped me. I have been vaping for over a year now, all my senses taste and smell have come back to me, the pains I was feeling due to what I believe to be a lack of oxygenated blood to my muscles has completely gone. i can now run and am experiencing a lung capacity i have never had a chance to enjoy till now. as i am aware that i have done irreparable damage to my lungs and body, this has uplifted my health to a stage i have never been at before.
i don’t stink anymore, I have an appetite again, I’m far less anxious than I have ever been and I’m generally a much happier person as I have never felt so in control of my health, this is the easiest way to give up smoking and start planning a future without it and even moving off the vape products at some stage as I have control over how much nicotine i replace it’s getting easier and easier to lower the ammount till eventually, i won’t need it. thanks for reading I pray that you help us all from all areas of the world and save this life saving tool.