About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’ve smoked 1 pack a day for over 20 years. Tried numerous times to quit.. Patches did nothing for me.. I still wanted to smoke even if I didn’t need to smoke. Tried a medication with the same result. On a couple occasions I quit cold turkey, but no matter how long I had quit, I still wanted to smoke.. One trigger and moment of weakness and I was right back on them. I had tried the cheap e-cig a couple times in the past, but because of taste, battery life, and not always being able to quickly get cartridges, I didn’t feel it was a reasonable alternative and didn’t really like it. That all changed after speaking to someone vapeing on a provari e-cig. It was beautiful and smelled great. I especially liked that it in no way resembled a cigarette. I ordered one with a starter kit immediately. I received it on May 18, and by the following day I considered myself a non smoker. Even though I still had half a pack of cigarettes, I had no urge to smoke them. Over the next few days I tested myself and would smoke one of them.. I found I that I enjoyed my provari vaporizor tremendously more than a traditional cigarette. I have smoked on occasion, but over the last 1.5 months I have probably smoked what I used to smoke in a day. The best part is, I can smoke if I want to, but I know that will not lead me back to my old habit. The vaporizor completely replaced my habit. I vape the flavors I like, and I’m not too concerned about the nicotine levels. I’ve even spent a few days vapeing flavors that had zero nicotine, because I liked it and didn’t get any signs of nicotine withdrawals. Mostly my nic level is 8mg/ml. I love vapeing in public and want people to ask me about it just so I can tell my story and hopefully encourage others to do it as well. It would be a terrible injustice if government ignorance or big tobacco/ pharmasudical companies to make e-cigarettes less available. Lives will be saved! Starting with mine!