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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for 27 years and my husband smoked for 35 years. We tried several times to quit, but were never successful. I tried welbutrin which worked for about 3 weeks the first time and didn’t work at all the second time, and chantix which worked for about 3 weeks, but the side effects of weird dreams and terrible mood swings were too much for me so back to smoking I went. My husband tried the patch and the gum which didn’t work at all for him. He ended up smoking while he was wearing the patch. Chantix worked for about 3 weeks for him, but the side effects of weird dreams, mood swings and ED put him right back to smoking. On saturday May 11,2013 my dad came by and said he had not had a cigarette for 6 weeks and showed us his e-cig. So on Tuesday May 14 I stopped in a local vape shop and after a lengthy conversation with an employee, I walked out with 2 Ego battery/CE5+ kits and 2 10ml bottles of ejuice. I smoked my last cigarette on my way to the vape store and have not had one since! 2 days ago I hit 8 weeks cigarette free! And with no side effects and no desire to pick up another cigarette! When I got home I gave my husband his kit and he also is now over 8 weeks cigarette free! My husband had to up his nicotine to 36mg for a week and then he dropped down to 24 mg. next week he is dropping to 18 and his goal is to drop to 0 mg and stop using his ecig. I started at 24mg and for the last 2 weeks I am down to 18 mg. my goal is to get down to 0 mg and vape flavored juice with no nicotine, as I enjoy my Ecig. After 2 weeks of no cigarettes, I bought one for my sister. She has not smoked a cigarette since. My husband has 3 friends and their spouses that learned about ecigs from us and they also have not smoked since! To quit smoking is so stressful. The ecig took all the stress out of it. I can breathe better and my sense of taste and smell are back! My 12 year old daughter now kisses me and doesn’t complain that I stink. I cannot stress enough how big of a life change for the better I have and it is all due to my ecig! Every smoker I run into I tell my story to. All smokers should know that this alternative is available to them!