About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for 19 years. 19 long years from age 11-30. Pack a day after the age of 14 right up until i switched to electric. I have had one cigarette in that time. and i won’t be doing that again. First time i tried to quit, i went cold turkey. made it a couple months, and then started again. Four months ago, on my birthday, my girlfriend bought me an electronic cigarette. an Ego to be exact. First puff, much like analog cigs, i was hooked. it took me about two days to switch completely, and i had ingested so much nicotine that i was dizzy four hours, it was like being an 11 year old again, taking the puff off smokes i stole from my mother’s purse, or the carton above the fridge. I’ve taken all the studies that tell you how much you have saved since you quit, though they don’t take into account the fact that if this becomes a hobby, and you start buying more expensive styles of Ejuice, or Mods (Mech especially) you really don’t save all that much money at all. But i feel better. My clothes don’t stink, my hair doesn’t smell. the nicotine stains on my teeth are lessening every day. Eventually, i will reduce the level of nicotine to zero, and that doesn’t sound like the greatest hurdle ever, like cold turkey did. this is not a safe habit, but it is safer by far than smoking cigarettes. any time you put something like this in your body, you are doing harm. But the harm is reduced, and the psychological aspect of training you to look for taste, and not nicotine level, is the smartest thing anyone has done thus far. I have no idea if i am still supporting the tobacco companies, i haven’t read whether or not nicotine is easily or cheaply synthesized, so i assume it still comes from extract of tobacco. no illusions there, i am not part of a rebellion, just a man with a bad habit that he has made safer for himself, and the people around him. That’s my story, i switched, i like it; i am staying with electronic cigarettes until i quit entirely, which may be a while, seeing as the toys are pretty damn cool, but it will happen easier now, and i will feel better in the long run.