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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’m Ryan I smoked for about 11 years.when disposable e cigs were getting more popular I bought few here and there but it dident really help me to much… Continued Smokeing and after being told u just smoked dident you about everytime I decided that i need to give it another try I bought a blu disposable ecig It wasn’t to bad so I did research about them and later bought the blu starter kit I went from 15+ cigarettes a day to barely 3 a day… Lets just say that’s not the end yet I continued using blu for about a week they were getting pricey so I smoked less of them and more cigarettes….. I was on YouTube and watched a electronic cigarette video by a reviewer called grimmgreen that’s where I learned that there was a whole different world of ecigs! Shortly after that I bought a ego starter kit for $55 and a few bottles of liquid and they blew me away… Sense then I was hooked I was vapeing more then smokeing soon after that I was doin nothing but using electronic cigs and i will say i felt horrible for about 2 weeks because my body was fighting to get 11 years of tar and whatever else was in my lungs out… But I’ll admit this I have not had flim in the back of my throat sense the day I quit smokeing I could breath better taste better and smell a lot better…. I vape as a hobbie now I love vapeing I like to try the newest products and I spent over 450 dollars just for mods!! I can spend 75 dollars on 18 mg liquid and know ill have plenty for at least 2 months of vapeing so yea it’s a lot cheaper and safer then cigarettes! Oh I almost forgot I have not smoked a Cigarette in 6 months… That’s my story vapeing for life A Ryan Salyer story