About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking at the ripe old age of 16. Worst decision of my life but I just wanted to fit in and belong to the cool crowd. Very long story cut very short, well as short as I can cut it. Soon after I was married and before I had kids, I wanted to quit. My employer just did not like smoke breaks. I just could not quit so I just had to suffer except for lunch and a lot of snacking at my desk. And I continued to try over the years, cold turkey (that lasted a quick minute)followed by the patch, gum and Chantix (horrible depression) and all ended in varying types of expensive degrees of absolute and ineffective mystery! Until I heard a discussion on my local talk radio station. I had heard about E-Cigs so I turned up the volume and I listened. And I ended up winning a small starter set of several 510 stick batteries, a charger and a nice supply of filled cartomizers. It did not take me long to realize that these things would help me quit once and for all. Within 2 weeks of going back and forth, I had my last cigarette. My sense of smell and taste had returned, my breathing was much better, my wife, children and even the pets were happy with my decision as was my doctor. In the meanwhile, I had also found an E-Cig based support group named ECA or Ecigadvanced.com. The members really helped me out, no one was trying to sell me anything and I soon found much better equipment. Basically longer lasting batteries that I could use to adjust my flavor and my satisfaction. I was also able to reduce my nicotine intake from 36mg (I was smoking unfiltered little menthol cigars when I quit) to 18mg of nic. And I have saved a boatload of money by switching! Back to ECA for a moment. I am still a proud member and I am now a community moderator for the forum. As it stands, we do a pretty darn GREAT job of policing the product that is being offered. Word travels really fast about an unsafe product if it is the hardware or the juice that we use to fuel it. And there are now lots of studies to support what we already had good reason to suspect. Better for you, safe for those around you, not going to catch your bed or furniture (or burn holes in your clothes or car seats)the whole nine yards of nothing but good/great. And yet, we have the FDA wanting to take this away from us mostly based on an antiquated, half assed 2009 study mostly based on Chinese manufactured E-Liquid which most of us would not purchase on a dare anyway! Even today! Sure a lot of our hardware is made in China and for the most part (high 95% anyway)but we still look at the Chinese made E-Liquid funny just like you would not want to use Chinese made baby formula. Hardware works or it doesn’t. You know pretty quickly. And the allegations of the E-Cig batteries being a danger are no where near what they are hyped up to be. The same danger as you have in cell phone batteries and any other rechargeable battery in the market place today. Real or imagined issues (some fake and we have some evidence of that)the media just loves to jump on it. Fills time on TV and in papers. In closing, I would much rather the FDA work on improving cancer treatments that have worked for decades in other countries for use here for our own people. And let us not forget, medical marijuana. My own doctor would prescribe in a heartbeat to get me off of the Oxycodone and the Hydrocodine that I have to take for my own rather severe pain. I seriously hope this does not fall on deaf ears!