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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I have been Smoking for 25 yrs. Pack a day .started looking for something to quit smoking. Started first with the gum. That did not work. My second attempt was the Patch it work for 2 months but as i try to go down on my nicotine intake from 21 mg to 14 mg it just made me really a Irritable person that i would just snap. I just could not do it. so I stop using it. My third attempt was when My doctor said there was this new drug that would help you quit. I said alright let me try. He gave me a prescription for wellbutrin also it help with my depression. so I tried and waited and it never help. I told my doctor since day one my craving for analog cigarette is still the same. That too failed. I’m still on wellbutrin. My wife was still trying to push me to quit. Thought about this Pill called chantix. But after I found out how much a month it would cost. I gave up! My last try was cold turkey that lasted a week and it was so bad that my wife bought me a pack of newport menthols So things could be normal in our day to day life. still smoking analogs at this time. Till I seen the commercial blu e ciggs Brand. So I said to myself lets try it. bought my first e cigg menthols disposable at our local walgreens used it all day and I was kinda of sceptical at first but as the day went on my craving for nicotine was being satisfied by this e cigg. That’s when i had that aha moment!!!!!!!! Started looking online for information about electronic cigarettes and videos on you tube. Started reading and watching more videos. Found two gentlemen that really help me. first this guy name Grimmgreen second was Pbusardo. so within about a week i finally bought my first starter kit. I was still smoking analogs at this time. after a week of vaping. i just totally gave up regular cigarettes. e ciggarette gave me the satifaction for my nicotine fix and the ritual of smoking that nicotine replacement therapy did not offer. It’s been almost 6 months now once in a while I would try lighting up a regular cigarette and It really taste nasty to me and It’s funny cause I cant stand the smell either. A smoker for 25 yrs would say that. I still have my last pack of newports with 16 sticks left. Now the first thing I notice once I started vaping was my sense of smell is back. I can breath better. I can run two blocks without gasping of air. I dont smell like an ashtray. My wife loves the idea of me quitting smoking cancer sticks. OH ya I almost forgot what i spent a year was $2,555. Now I only spend $ 600 dollars a year. I have a better Health and a FAtter wallet. Im not planning to ever go back to analogs. I love vaping