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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello My Name is Rod I smoked for 35 years.Much of that a 2 pack a day smoker and on evenings when i chose to go out and imbibe much more(sometimes up to 4 packs). I started using an electronic cigarette almost 8 months ago. I started with 24mg or(2.4%) nicotine liquid and within a month cut back to 18mg(1.8%) where i am currently leveled off at for now. i use different types of mods or advanced personal vaporizers.I plan on cutting my nicotine intake down even farther as i go.whether i choose to stop vaping is still up in the air. I no longer smoke at all. i haven’t had a cigarette since December 12 10:00PM 2012. I started vaping right at the end of November 2012 shortly after i set my quit date of December 12th. Once i a had that last smoke i never looked back.No with drawl symptoms. No grumpiness no nothing i just quit. Of course i am still getting nicotine but i am NOT getting any of the thousands of other chemicals in cigarettes. I can say i am happier since quitting smoking i can breathe better i can smell things again(some things that i wish i couldn’t smell sometimes). I can taste foods again much more than i could before quitting. I can play with my grand kids with out being winded after 5 minutes for me this is probably the best thing; I don’t stink like smoke which means my grand kids don’t have to reek after they come and give pa pa a hug. The funny thing is i have tried so many ways to quit before it is quite sad. I tried the patch i tried chantix,cold turkey,the gums and none of them worked for me.an e-cig tho was a miracle and a life saver for me.the e-cig helped me do what i have been trying to do for 20+ years since my first son was born. I even made my 3 sons a promise to quit smoking when my oldest was about 9 years old.He saw me quit finally when he was 21!! Sad to say it took me that long to keep a promise i made to my kids but thanks to e-cigs i was finally able to keep that promise that i made them. I cant really think of any negative effects that using an e-cig has had on my quality of life unless they are banned or regulated in some way to make it to where we had to have a prescription or some such nonsense to use or have nicotine liquid in any certain strength. by the way i am 45 and started smoking when i was between the ages of 10 and 11