About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

After experimenting with cigarettes in high school, I became a daily smoker at the age of 18. I smoked heavily throughout college (a pack a day or more) and continued to smoke once I graduated. I tried quitting cold turkey several times in my late 20’s, but was never successful, and the truth is I never really WANTED to quit smoking, because even though I knew it was terrible for me, I really enjoyed it. At the age of 29 I began dating and eventually got engaged to Jen (now my wife) who hates cigarettes. I went out of my way to not smoke around her, and it soon felt like I had to sneak around to do what I wanted to do. Once we were married I decided I would quit for her, so I went to my doctor and was prescribed Wellbutrin. It worked, and I quit smoking for 2 years. I changed jobs at the age of 33 and many of my new coworkers smoked, so it was not long before I began smoking again, though at a lesser amount, typically around 5-8 cigarettes a day. I also went back to sneaking around so I wasn’t smoking in front of my wife. She knew I was smoking again though and made me promise that when we had kids I would quit again. I broke that promise. I tried Wellbutrin again after my son was born, but this time it had no affect and I remained a smoker. This past January, at the age of 38, I was at a friend’s house playing cards. Several of us were smoking, and then one guy who had been a smoker pulled out a simple eGo kit and started vaping. I was instantly intrigued. I peppered him with questions and he let me try his device. I knew right away that this was different and could truly work for me. My friend gave me a couple links to online suppliers, and I ordered a starter kit the next day. While waiting for my kit to arrive I began researching vaping online, reading as much information as I could. I became a member of Electronic Cigarette Forum and tried to glean as much as I could from other members. My kit arrived on January 28, and I excitedly fumbled through setting it up and started vaping. I quit smoking that day and never smoked an entire cigarette after that. The first week was a little rough, as I went through withdrawals. I learned that one is addicted to far more than just nicotine in a cigarette. The other issue I dealt with initially was dry mouth, and found that I needed to increase my daily water intake. The withdrawals passed, as did the dry mouth, and I never looked back. I spoke with my doctor about it in February, and he was pleased with my decision and supported my efforts, though he reminded me that the end goal is still the same…to quit nicotine entirely. I quickly noticed several benefits to vaping. While smoking I would spend the first 15 minutes of every morning coughing up phlegm. That went away. I didn’t get winded going up a flight of stairs. I could run around the yard with my 3 year old son and not get tired. My fingers weren’t yellow from tobacco smoke. My wife didn’t tell me to take a shower before coming to bed. My clothes and hair didn’t reek anymore. I no longer worried about offending someone at work. I didn’t have to stand outside in the freezing cold just to get my fix (my wife doesn’t mind me vaping in the house…no smell!). Only one time did I actually try smoking a cigarette after quitting, and that was in late May. Some friends and I were in northern Michigan on a golfing trip. They were all smoking and I was happily vaping. I had several bad holes in a row, and asked for a cigarette from one of the guys. After 3 puffs, I gave it back to him apologetically. It tasted so terrible I couldn’t stand it. I’ll never put a cigarette to my lips again. I’ve even given up cigars, which was something I had planned on continuing to smoke even after quitting cigarettes. They simply don’t hold the same enjoyment for me as vaping, and are obviously much worse for me health-wise. Why spend 45 minutes smoking a cigar (I liked the big ones) when I could take a few vapes and be satisfied? It was an easy decision. I started at 24 mg nicotine strength eliquid, and have gone down to 18 mg. I’m currently transitioning to 12 mg (I vape some 18, some 15, and some 12), and my goal is to completely wean myself from the nicotine altogether. I can’t tell you how much I wish someone had introduced me to vaping years ago so I could’ve quit cigarettes that much sooner.