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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Like most smokers I know who wish to quit, only perhaps 3 our of 100’s managed to make it, 1 using cold turkey, 1 pills 1 using hypnotism. I tried the patch on a few occasions but failed each time, no way was I going to take any mind altering death pill so never tried. I’d heard about ecigs about 10 years ago but never had access to them nor was I willing to quit smoking back then. But as I got older and started to really feel the effects of smoking I knew I had to quit, but HOW, like I said patches didn’t give me any satisfaction at all, inhalers helped a bit but gain didn’t work, tried this method several times. I don’t chew gum and never really liked gum so that was out. I again came across ecigs about 3-4 years ago but they weren’t available to me yet again and I don’t get to the US much plus the cost of 100 bucks was like way to much to take away from my smoking, but this ecig thing lingered in the back of my head until February of 2013. A mate a work walked onto the shop i work in, and as he approached he was carrying this long metallic tube thingy and smoking it? I thought wtf? Anywho as he got up to me I could see it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before and he went on o tell me all about it. Well let me tell yah, I had one ordered and delivered within a week. During the first week I literally had 1 smoke each day and that one I only took 3 drags off at a time, by the end of the first week I finished smoking completely and Vaped ONLY. I have not had nor wanted a cigarette since Feb 8 2013, 4 months ago and I never well want one again. Don’t take me wrong I need my nicotine, I’m an addict so Vapeing supplies the very need I must have, the hand to mouth, the throat hit, the vapor etc I owe my renewed life to my mate and Vapeing. TY Cory.