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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I have smoked for 27years or ever since I born + 9 mouth im 42 years old I started a smoke free alterative 3years ago I have try them all but the one that got me off of cigarettes was the ecig, I was told to try it for 1 week with out having a cigarette then after a week light a regular cig and smoke it, well I did just that had about 4-5 puffs of a king size cig and I threw up(no joke) it was like the 1st time had a smoke 27 years ago.From that point on I have been on the ecig or vaping, the other methods somewhat worked for me but was missing the action of smoking we are all the same but each of us are like a finger print no two are alike, some nrt will work for some but not others ecigs are another choice to give to the people where nrt have failed them. now I did fall off the wagon but only because my Canadian government forced my supplier to shut down and my employer aswell told me I could not use a ecig with in my work space(faute the ruling and won) and seeing more suppliers in Canada now then 3 years ago I can not will not go back to smoking. As for changes in quality of life for me well where do I begin? no more death coughs, sleeping more soundly(don’t wake up during the night to have a cigarette), don’t have to worry about falling asleep with a lit cig and burning to death or killing others, breathing has greatly improved, food has taste again and eating better now that I can taste it and have not gained weight and my sex life and stamina has greatly improved (you asked)but the greatest quality of life is I now have a chance to see my god daughter and nephew grow and have a family and to be with them. As for the negative of ecigs is that I no longer hang around smokers any more, and im working harder and more productive at work(wait is that a negative?? haha). Before I sign off I would like to thank you for reading mine and countless others stories of how ecigs helped us quit or cut down on smoking please remember the decision the united states government makes on ecigs will not just affect the American people but people around the world that’s because what ever the American government does the rest of the world governments will follow?. So don’t look at as you are saving/condoning couple million people but perhaps a couple billion people?. thank-you Rick