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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello .. My full name is Paul Christian Crosslin. I am 46 years old and this is my full and honest account of my experience smoking cigarettes and how I quit. When I was about 11 years old I would steal the occasional cigarette from my mother’s purse and covertly smoke it. I am not entirely sure what drove me to do this other than the fact that once I did smoke a cigarette it was always in the back of my mind about how to get another one. One time when I was about 12 I wrote a fake note to my local convenience store that my mother was in an accident and unable to get her pack of smokes so she sent me to get them. So I got a whole pack for myself that way, paid for with my allowance. This kind of thing went on until I was of legal age to buy them myself and continued for more than 30 years. So, can I can stop and ask you a question right now? Please? Is there anything in your life right now that has been as consistant as smoking a number of cigarettes per day? Our daily life undergoes changes all the time but if you are a smoker that is one thing that never changes. You always smoke. Life is good? smoke while you enjoy. Life hits a rough patch? Smoke while you endure. Smoking has become as much a part of your life as breathing is. It becomes more than automatic because you need that hit of nicotine like you need to breathe. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes will hamper your ability to breathe until they kill you in one manner or another. In my youth I was an an avid soccer player and won a few awards on local and State levels. I also loved Baseball and was picked for more than one All-Star team as a hitter, second base-man and center-fielder. Smoking I feel, took further accomplishments away from me because even at 15 I was beginning to lag behind my counter-parts who never smoked cigarettes. So what did I do? I left sports behind not because I did’nt love to play but because I was hampered by cigarettes. I knew this and choose different paths to accomidate my addiction. Fast forward many years until 3 months ago. I had tried e-cigs once about 5 years ago but the batteries didnt last and once you used up the starter-kit you were hung out to dry like a fish out of water. You want to try some prescription gum? It didnt matter how many pieces I chewed, I just wanted a smoke. You want to try some patches? I could plaster them all over my body but all I wanted was a smoke. UNTIL .. On my computer ONLINE I found a website offering The Ultimate Starter Kit It was from My Freedom Smokes and I went for it. I got 2 eGo 1000 mAh Twist batteries, a usb adapter with a rapid charge wall-wart, 2 vivi-nova tanks with threading adapters that make it look nice and all I had to do was find some juice. So I went on a road trip while my order to My Freedom Smokes was processing. I went and found the brick-and-mortar store nearest to me and got some juice and some coils that I could replace when the ones I ordered online needed to be changed. Since that time, the 15th of March, I have smoked a total of three cigarettes and all of my nicotine consumption since then has been delivered via e-cigarettes. Battery powered devices of my choosing, found while shopping ONLINE and used by me in lieu of a burning paper and tobacco product that I used to smoke and flick out my car window. I now enjoy a vast universe of flavored vapor where before I was just smoking my life away. My Mother died of a massive heart-attack due to chronic emphysema and COPD. I believe I am avoiding that fate because at 46 years old e-cigarettes take the place of traditional nicotine delivery and offer to me as I shop online a much more harm reduced nicotine delivery system. The juice I vaporize in my preferred method contains no more that 8 ingredients as opposed to the more than 4000 chemicals found in combustible, burning cigarettes. Some of which are known to increase the addictive nature of nicotine itself. By vaporizing flavored nicotine I not only reduce harm to myself but everyone around me. My device only works when I activate it, there is no burning butt left to linger in an ashtray that is polluting what you breathe. My device delivers nicotine and flavor to me only, it quickly evaporates into air leaving no trace behind. E-cigs is the only method that has enabled me to quit smoking a burning paper and tobacco product that is designed specifically to addict me to it’s product.