About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Love seeing all these people try to tell everyone whats best to stop smoking. Most probably never smoked at all or for any period of time. I smoked for over 32 years, 3 packs a day for the last 10 of those 32 years. I have COPD. Was told i wouldnt be living 10yrs ago if I didnt stop. In January 2020, I got real sick with bronchitus and my oxygen falling to levels that my organs may fail. So i was admitted in the hospital. Doctors told me if I didnt stop smoking, id be on oxygen for the rest of my life. So throughout my 32 years ive tried it all, including Chantix wich I had an allergic reaction to and it landed me in the hospital. Tried other prescribed meds, patches, hypnosis ect ect. Nothing worked. So I tried vaping. Started with a Juul but all that did was make me want a cigarette even more since Juuls only flavors now are tobacco. So I tried a pod system with a desert flavor of 12 mg of nicotine, 2 weeks later 6mg and 1 week later 3mg, wich is what I currently vape. Its been almost 18 months and still no cigarettes. I can breathe better now than I have in over 30 yrs. Vaping saves lives. Most of these so called vaping facts from the antivaping campaigns arent backed by any scientific proof whatsoever. Read up on the UK Royal College of Physicians if youd like to read unbiased facts.