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Hi i’m Muhammad Samir Sakr 26 years old from Egypt , I was a regular smoker ( 1 to 1 1/2 pack a day ) for about 9 years , 3 years ago i found something in Egypt called e-cig ( cigarette like ) from company called Intellicig so i went to the shop and tried it , i was really impressed as it was really nice with some good taste ! so i bought the starter kit but it was too expensive consisted of 2 battery 1 atomizer and 5 filters and ofcouse chargers etc with a 30 days guarantee so i started to use it and explore that world, i was really impressed with such invention, i was buying the 18 mg filter pack from intellicig every 5 days exactly , but got shocked from the quality of the devices the battery didn’t last for 2 hours with the need of 4 hours charge , and one battery died in the day 30th of guarantee which the refused to replace it anyway , i quitted after the atomizer died too and went back to smoke , 1 year later i started to read more and more in US/UK forum about the invention and how it’s really getting improved every hour ! so i got a lavatube and a scuba tank from M&PVS with some nicotine-free doublers liquid from TastyVapor and tried vaping again i was successfully able to vape for 2 months without any real cig , then cartomizers died and i had no chance of keep vaping ( there was No vaping device in Egypt ) so i was lucky enough to make a friend of me from the Golden Greek company ( Imeo ) save me an Odysseus rebuild-able atomizer , i got it and got the wick+wires to save my self from those bad dying cartoz/atomizers right now i’m vaping from 13 months with total of about 21 cigarettes smoked in this period all what i’m doing now is getting liquid/juice to find my best flavors, The real changes that i can really feel that had changed during this year is : 1- i’m no longer breath like a faulty motor when i run , play soccer or just climb some stairs 2 – No more Chest hurt and heart pains from number 1 routines. 3- i drink alot of water now ! 4- i don’t smell bad 5- less headaches. that all i can remember right now 🙂 sorry though! i really like to thank alot of vendors which i believe they’re my brothers and sisters not just vendors for making me able to quit that bad habbit for ever! ( Annette from VirginVapor , Carrie from 28vapeslater , EcigExpress , VapingZone , TastyVapor , The GG and more … ) Best Regards, Muhammad S Sakr