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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello my name is Mike Olive i am 56 years old and started smoking when i was 13..thats 43yrs. At the age of 30 started having real problems with breathing and tried to quit cold turkey..what a joke. and kept trying to quit , tried gum,patches,inhaler,different methods you see on tv..and nothing worked, i finally decided id just die smoking i guess.Well i was at work one day, and ill never forget that day 06/17/2012, there was a guy on the smoking pattio..vaping..so i asked him about it he explained everything and the next day he even met me at the Ecig shop and helped pick out a starter kit,,Well that man..now a best friend and that shop saved my life, I starting vaping using a simple EGO KIT and 18mg Peach Flavor E-Juice and have never looked back..and i have led over 20 people from my job to try E-CIGS and 16 of them have never looked back either, i have read 100,s of testominals and talked to 100,s of vapers that have sad that if it wasnt for E-Cigs, they would still be smoking today, were all breathing better, my tast is awesome and i can smell again, no more coughing,weezing,gaging..and i dont snore any more..and thats not just me thousands of vapors have confesed to the same results..So you can judge for yourself..as i see it the proof is in the pudding…thx mike olive(VAPEDUDE) P.S VAPE LONG and VAPE STRONG