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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16 years old, probably of course to look cool, and I became a pack + a day smoker for the next 21 years. Approximately 4.5 years ago my wife became pregnant and it was our plan to both quit smoking. I tried various ways of quitting, from smokeless tobacco (dip)which we both found disgusting; moved to patches which made me nauseous and sick feeling all the time; from there I tried Chantix the idea of being able to smoke the first week is great and helped, I ended up not smoking for about 2 months while I was taking the Chantix. Chantix is a heavy duty DRUG and really messed with my brain. I was basically turned into a ZOMBIE, I did not care about anything (Work, my Pregnant wife, family). Those DRUGS helped with not smoking, but the mental effect was definitely a negative. Once I stopped taking the Chantix I began smoking again. Although my wife was glad to have ME (not the zombie) back, I was also smoking again. She on the other hand has a strong will and quit smoking the day she found out she was pregnant. So once my Son was born I had to hide my habit of smoking cigarettes. A couple years pass by, then my Son began asking questions on why I am always going outside, and why he can’t come with me. This got me thinking again that I need to quit smoking. Again I tried patches, gum, and whatever other OTC aids I could get, to no avail. Then a few weeks later I was at work and I had a delivery come to my yard. The delivery driver had an e-cig (eGo C Twist) hanging around his neck, and began puffing on it. I asked him how it works for him, he said he hadn’t smoked a cig since he began vaping. So that weekend, Sunday I went to my local E-Cig retailer, picked myself up an eGo C Twist, a tank and a bottle of Juice. I smoked a Cigarette or two Sunday evening while also puffing on my E-cig. Monday morning on my way to work I lit up a cigarette, got about half way through it, flicked it out the window and haven’t lit up another since. Since that Monday morning, 73 days 8 hours ago, I have been Smoke free. I had never thought that I would be able to quit smoking that easily, but vaping has REALLY WORKED! I started using the 24 mg Nicotine E-liquid for the first 3 weeks, dropped down to the 18 mg for the next few weeks, now the last 2 weeks or so I have been vaping the 12 mg. I will keep dropping my Nicotine dosage until I am at 0 mg. At this point I have avoided 1467 analog cigarettes figuring a pack a day, I look back at that and realize how gross that is. I try to picture a pile of 1467 cig butts and want to hurl. I have tried multiple ways, and multiple attempts to quit smoking cigarettes throughout my 20+ years of smoking, and I have finally found a way with E-Cigs. I have gotten 2 of my coworkers onboard with vaping, and have both not smoked cigarettes since. This WORKS, this HELPS, this provides a vehicle to keep hands busy as well as the oral fixation that smokers crave. So speaking as an EX-SMOKER, I will never smoke another cigarette. I will have a better relationship with my son, when I go outside he will come with me. When we play, I won’t be out of breath 2 minutes into it. I come home and can give my son a hug before having to take a shower, change clothes, and brush teeth. I am a true believer that E-Cigs have changed and ultimately SAVED my Life. Mike Morgan Laguna Niguel, Ca.