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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hey my name is Mike I am 23 years old & started smoking when I was 16. I was mainly a cigar smoker, but still smoked cigarettes. At my highschool at the back of the school was a smoking pitt, where kids could smoke, we were even allowed to take smoke breaks during class as long as we did not stray off. I always had weight issues & down the road in my life if I tried to lose weight or quit smoking I always noticed I leaned on the other as a crutch to help, but it never lasted long. When I tried to quit smoking I would try to do it cold turkey. I was never interested in the gum, or the patches. These options did not appeal to me. Especially because a big part of smoking was the social aspect of it. I believed the only real way to quit smoking was cold turkey, it’s what my friends who quit told me. I felt smoking was a lot harder to ditch than loseing weight for myself. So by June of 2012 after a lot of looking into multiple things, I bought a home gym & started eating better, it was exactly around this point I heard of an e-cigarette. I was instantly fascinated by the idea. It was a long process to learn about e-cigs, I first googled them. I then youtube’d videos. At first I thought they were only cigarette sized. I got a disposable at my gas station for 10 dollars & I live in Canada so there was no nicotine in it, I thought it was a joke.. several gas station clerks either knew nothing about them or claimed they don’t work at all. By this point I found the e-cigarette-forum online & asked some questions. This is where I basically learned everything. From where I can buy nicotine liquid online, to how voltage works and how cigarette sized e-cigs aren’t as powerfull as other devices I knew NOTHING about! After all the help my first set up was 2 ego-c-twists and 2 stardust clearomizers. This was at the end of July 2012 & also the last day I ever had a cigar. When I used the nicotine e-liquid from a bottle with my vapeing equipment I was blown away by how close the feeling was to smoking. Because I smoked cigars, I loved throat hit & this vapeing gear did the job. Also because an ego-c-twist is about the size of a cigar, it was perfect for me, even though I did end up holding it differently. Up until May of 2013 I have used ego-c-twists variable voltage with clearomizers and never went back to smoking. Quitting smoking was effortless with this vapeing gear for me, and I’ve also lost 80 pounds as of May 2013. I currently just upgraded from ego-c-twists to an iTaste SVD mod with kanger protanks & I love the flavor that my e-liquid gets out of them. I still love the ego-c-twists & they are what I recommend to anyone getting into vapeing.