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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Menthol smoker, pack a day, sometimes more. 33 years. This is now one year to the date that I quit. Using electronic cigarettes. I no longer wake in the morning coughing so hard that I would be nauseous due to the contractions of the stomach muscles from extreme use of the aforesaid coughing. My breathing is better. I tend to walk more now and get out and about than I ever did. Why is the FDA blocking this as an alternative to smoking? I know, you know all the risks with nicotine induction, but this is so much better alternative to actual cigarettes. My current workplace is placing the electronic cigarettes in the category of ‘tobacco products’ and using that as an excuse to raise health premiums. Due to a 2009 ruling by the FDA. My question is how, we the people that are concerned, can get the message pushed through the big tobacco companies that in part fund the FDA to take real notice? I don’t see all that much on the internet after exhaustive searching. There is no denying that this mode may harm us in some fashion. There is no denying that the sustained use nicotine can and will cause health problems. The main idealism here should be that it is less, and leads towards total non usage of products ie should be considered as a cessation tool, but no one seems to realize that area. In my case I did not want to quit analog cigarettes. I did. I know get a small amount of unknown chemicals compared to the 4000+ from the major proprietor. The general notion though, and the one that makes the claim…… I feel better. I breathe better. I have better lung functions. And I know the difference. How can we get this message across to the FDA (assuming they are not on the payroll of some larger tobacco concerns, which if I name will get me sued…) Thanks, Mike, Please contemplate and give directions….