About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Started smoking at 11 in 1958 and have enjoyed it.In 2005 decided it was time to quit,went to see GP who enrolled me on stop smoking course with a specialist adviser they suggested strongest patches they had,cured some of the withdrawal symptons but not all but with a lot of willpower stopped smoking.Then had a heart attack due to blocked arteries was told off the record by doctor at hospital that stress of stopping smoking might not have helped.Started smoking again but 6 months later GP suggested Champrix used these for 1 month but stopped using due to extreme nightmares,carried on smoking,diagnosed with severe COPD in 2009 but still smoking and putting up with chest infections every few months.Feb19th 2013 got out of bath could not even talk due to shortness of breath.then thought about time did something about my smoking had heard about E-cigs so went on line that evening and ordered a cig-a-like kit which arrived on the 21st of feb,charged battery and tried it and thought what have I been missing all this time,gave me the nicotine that I craved but without all the dangerous substances that you find in tobacco cigarettes.I have gone on to use better types of E-Cig that deliver more vapour and flavour. I have not smoked a regular cigarette since but i know if they were banned from sale I would start smoking again. Ive always kept a supply of antibiotics & steroids at home for when a chest infections flare up but since using E-cigs not had to use them so Im also saving the NHS money as well as improving my health. These so-called experts who are trying to ban E-cigs or class them as medicinal should start to read some of the studies carried out instead of listening to the lobbyists from Tobacco & Pharmecutical companies who stand to loose lots of money if E-cigs grow anymore in popularity.