About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked 1-2 packs per day for approx 30 years. In December of 2012 I started researching electronic cigarettes because I had tried quitting without a replacement (I.e. Cold turkey), Nicotine gums, Nicotine patches, Chantix, & Wellbutron, all on multiple occasions and all failed to curb my desire for cigarettes. I was actually in one of the original research study groups for Chantix before it was released to the public. I had not gone for more than one full day without a cigarette in all of the years I had been smoking as it was just too difficult both mentally and physically. After reading quite a bit on the ECF forums, I decided to order a variable voltage mod (battery) and Vivi Nova (atomizer) and some 12mg tobacco flavored e-liquid. I received the items on January 22, 2013 and immediately knew I could quit smoking with the device upon my first use. It satisfied all of the key behaviors I had grown accustomed to over my 30 yrs. of smoking. While using the 12mg Nicotine e-liquid, I still had periodic cravings for a cigarette, but was always able to resist by using the e-cigarette. I increased my e-liquid to 18mg Nicotine strength and have found the craving for cigarettes have all but gone away. I have been free of cigarettes for over 6 months without a single relapse and feel much better. I intend to start reducing my Nicotine level over time. I have a better sense of smell and taste, I am able to breath much easier even though I was diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis when I had a sever cold several years ago. I do not wheeze or gurgle when lying down or get winded as easily during various activities like I use to. I continue to research information on e-cigarettes today and feel they are a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and the best choice today for quitting cigarettes. I have spoken to several friends about e-cigarettes in the last 6 months and many of them have had similar results and have been able to completely quite smoking cigarettes. Michael Brown