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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I am 50 years old and had smoked my first cigarette at about 12 years of age. By 15 I was smoking everyday. I tried lots of methods to give up; cold turkey quiet a few times; champix twice, the first time I lasted about 3 months and the second time I felt very sick and had to stop after 2 weeks, hypno therapy, patches, bio science which lasted about 2 hours, and Allen Carr. None of these attempts were successful the best being champix, but I still craved cigarettes while taking it. Then I heard about e cigs. I bought one online for $25.00 but it had no nicotine as I bought it in Australia and you can’t purchase nicotine here as its illegal. I bought another ecig from New Zealand next. This one had nicotine and I cut down quite a bit on my normal intake. Then I got onto Aussie vapers forum and found out about rechargeable batteries and liquid nicotine. I bought some and the day it arrived was the last day I smoked. I haven’t had a smoke since and it has been nearly 6 months. This is the only thing that has worked for me in 35 years of trying to give up. It was very easy and I had no cravings at all, it was like a miracle for me. I started at 24 mg juice which was a bit strong and after a week or so cut back to 18mg. I am now on about 12-14 mg and I don’t notice the difference between this and the 18mg. I will try and cut back again probably to 10mg in the next few months, though if I don’t it won’t bother me. The benefits of giving up the smokes have been: Financially I have saved a fortune My breathing is better More stamina Can smoke inside and in places where smoking is banned Improvement in skin tone I can go longer without vaping than I could with smoking; 5 hours without vaping is possible, but I would only last a maximum of 3 hours without a smoke My family are happier I now expect to live longer