About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

To start off, here is my background with smoking.. My Mom smokes, my dad smoked. My Brothers smoked, my cousins smoked. My Uncles and Aunt smoked. Every where I went when I was a child, someone smoked. My mom chain smokes I think due to her anxiety issues. My Dad chain smoked due to his.. To say I was predisposed to smoking is an understatement. I should mention though I had asthma as a child due to smokers before I get any further. I started when I was about 16 years old, as a joke I smoked a cigar thinking I couldn’t due to my asthma issues. As it turned out.. I could… then I tried a cigarette, all my friends did, so why not? I wasn’t pressured really, but they all did, so I kind of just joined in. I liked them, didn’t really know why, but I did it just the same. I never really got the buzz like most do, but I get used to some drugs easily. I managed to quit a couple of times in the early years, but as time waged on I found my self not only becoming more and more addicted, but feeling worse and worse. This went on for the better part of 16 years. Each day I felt worse, wanted to quit more and more often but the more I wanted too, the more I smoked. The harder I smoked, the more I thought of how terrible everything would be without those tiny little cancer sticks. I was chain smoking to the point of feeling nauseous, waking up in the morning hacking my brains out. I felt drained all the time, my blood sugars were all over the place, I could barley breathe.. not to mention how drained my wallet felt. Then my girlfriend told me about the a disposable she saw in the store. Now I had heard of e-cigs before as my mom had tried them with some success, but I was a little skeptical. I tried one and I loved it. Though the price of these disposables for a heavy smoker is more than what one would spend in a normal day of smoking. So I searched, I found forums and sites and read and researched and spent hours figuring out what might be right for me. When I found the right device, which is different for everyone, I was finally able to give up smoking cigarettes and move completely to the electronic kind. I know the reason I was able to move off real cigarettes was directly related to the community and large number of devices and liquids available to me as a consumer. With the level of addiction I was facing with regular cigarettes there was no way I could have stopped with just the large name-brand manufacturers products that I tried and was unsatisfied with. I was able to finally stop those with the help of my Ego style manual battery and refillable tanks that allow me to choose the strength of nicotine, the flavor (adults like flavors!!) and the mix of pg/vg, as I am very sensitive to pg I am now 100% tobacco free! It is 5 weeks and counting as of 8/11/13. I feel amazing, I can be more active, the wheezing is gone. My sense of taste and smell is back and I can breathe!! My wallet feels better and I am finding myself helping others who are looking to move from real cigarettes to the electronic alternative. I am very glad that I found these when I did and that the community is active and cares very much about the products that we are all using. I hope that any decisions that are made take stories like mine and the others like mine into account. I hope many other smokers can find a path like mine. Thank you for your time!! Mike Brooks