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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Let’s see I had my very first analog when I was 9 years old, was full fledged smoker by my early teens, over the years I’ve quit here and there only to go back soon after.. In 2005 my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer( he was a 2 pack a day smoker), which caused him to have the center lobe of his right lung removed ( for those who don’t know this… we have three section’s to our right lung and 2 to our left..) he went through months of chemo and radiation treatment only to have it return in 2008, in the artery called the supravinacava which carries blood to our brain, he made the choice not to go through the pain and sickness of the chemo and radiation treatment again, He past away in July of 2009… On his deathbed he made me promise I would quit…. In 2008 I tried to quit using the patch.. It was frick’n hard as all get out… plus I turned into the most evil person who walked the face of this earth. I couldn’t even stand being in the same room with myself… and It only lasted 1 month, I had a major melt down and started the analog’s all over again… On Dec 31, 2012 I made the decision… I was not going to start another year as a smoker and that it was time to own up to the promise I made to my Dad… after work I went to the local mall and pick up one of those expensive smoke free kit’s from the kiosk.. 5 mins before midnight (New Years Eve) I smoked my last analog washed out the ash tray and haven’t looked back since… After a few week’s of messing with this e-cig kit I found out the cartomizer’s could be refiled with with this stuff called e- liquid… I tried contacting the company from which the e-cig kit came from.. No help there.. they just told me to buy more carto’s (@ $15 a box of 5) Some girl named Debbie responded to my question and was able to help me out with how to refill the carto’s and invited me to this group on FB…. WOW what an eye opener… I had on idea there was this community of people who call themselves’s Vapors A man by the name of Steven took me under his wing and has been helping me on this amazing journey I received my very first vaping kit which contained 2- 650 mah ego-c batteries and 2- ce4 clearomizer around the middle of January… with a lot of help from Steven and many of the other people in the group .. I plan on vaping the rest of my life even when i’m able to go nic free( I’m at 12 mg now) and wish the government would just leave well enough alone and focus on more important stuff like medicare and the cost of health insurance..