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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Laura Jayne, and I have been a smoker since the age of 17. I tried smoking when I was 14—hated it—but then at 17 my life became quite stressful and I turned to smoking for relief. Today I am 49 and have never stopped smoking more than 5days. Ever! Let’s see…I tried: the patch, the gum, the lozenges, and cold turkey. None of them worked. The closest I came to some semblance of abstinence was with the lozenges. Those I could go 5 days on, but then they started giving me the hiccups, and acid reflux really bad. Tried going down in the milligrams of nicotine per lozenge, did not help one bit. And, when I say hiccups, I mean seriously painful hiccups that would last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Horrible! When I turned 43 I met the love of my life! She hates/hated anything to do with smoking. And yet, we have been together all these years. Now that is true LOVE! During all these years together I have/had tried multiple times, and a variety of options in order to quit. Each time I felt like a bigger failure than the last. I actually liked(still do)the taste of menthol, and the feeling of inhaling those first few puffs. Not just an addiction to nicotine, but to all the routines that surround smoking…. Car=smoke, food=smoke,waking up=smoking,chatting on the phone=smoking, feeling happy/sad=smoking. You get the picture. Those cigarettes had me like a ball and chain! I hated that part(no control), but loved the act of smoking! One day I was shopping and saw a lovely lady & her husband doing what looked like: smoking! In the store! What??! I HAD to find out exactly what was going on there. So I went up and asked them what are those things you’re puffing away on?! She proceeded to show and explain to me everything involved in this e-cig. I was totally intrigued. After about 2 more months of dragging my feet, and acting like I was trying to quit(only half-way trying by this time), I finally asked my partner to take me to the place that woman had told me all about. I bought the exact set she had told me about. Loved the menthol flavor they made up for me and that was the end of my smoking cigarettes. However, I found out that there are places that are much better than others to buy your e-cigs from, so look around a bit before buying. Ask around too! I did not stay with the same store I started with. On my own I asked around about other places and found one that caters to my needs, has much better prices, and is there for me when something goes wrong, whereas, the first place(and many like it) are not interested in you or your problems after you spend money on your first kit. But, when you find the right place, they will bend over backwards for you because not only do they want your business, they REALLY DO want you to be smoke free! Yes, I adore my e-cigs(you will eventually want more than one), and quite frankly enjoy them more than smoking my former cigarettes. Remember, you can get them in almost the exact flavor of your old smokes, and for me that made the quitting even easier. Now, each time I go, I like to try out the new flavor of the month! Also, YOU choose what milligram of nicotine is right for you(make sure they let you test out the flavors and differing amounts of nicotine). All of this helps ensure you quit the life killing cigarettes, and stay on the completely safe VAPOR you smoke from your e-cig. Good luck to all of you! Believe me when I say: If I can do it, YOU CAN do it too!!!