About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I was a smoker for 43 years. On January 31st, 2013, I smoked my last cigarette and began using electronic cigarettes/personal vaporizer. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since that day. I’d tried Chantix the last 2 years (6 months at a time) and was able to quit smoking for 2 months the first time and 3 months the last time before returning to cigarettes. I was just finishing a 3rd stretch taking Chantix when I started vaping. After two weeks of vaping I stopped taking Chantix and haven’t looked back. I started with a small ego battery and a tank for the nicotine juice and have progressed up to mods with better tanks and more expensive equipment. While 18 mg of nicotine juice seemed perfect when I started using a personal vaporizer, I’ve been able to wean myself down to 12 mg. I realize cigarette smoke was killing me and feel so much better since I’ve quit smoking. Unlike the others times when I quit smoking, I have not gained any weight using a personal vaporizer. I can breathe better and haven’t had the 1st incidence of bronchitis since starting! The house smells better, our clothes smell better, and our cars smell better! What’s more amazing is the fact that in my household, there are now 3 ex-smokers. Me, my wife, and 26 year old daughter all started vaping at the same time and none of us have returned to cigarettes!