About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Kevin, I’m 23 years old and live in Las Vegas, NV. I started smoking cigarettes in May of 2008, a few months after turning 18. I found out my girlfriend was pregnant and was stressing about doing well enough to graduate high school. It started out as smoking a cigarette once a day whenever a friend of mine would have any. I told myself once I graduate and stop stressing, I’d stop. As more time passed, I started having more and more cigarettes throughout the day. Before I knew it, I would’ve smoked half a pack. Eventually, graduation day came. I was nervous, hoping I would receive a diploma and not a certificate of attendance. Fortunately, I did receive my diploma and told myself it was time to stop smoking, but there was a problem. Not only was I addicted, but I actually enjoyed smoking cigarettes to the point where I didn’t want to quit. Cigarettes had become an outlet, a break, from my day. Whether I was having a great day and wanted a smoke to heighten it, or having a terrible day and needed a break with few drags. I loved smoking, but I hated almost everything about it. I hated how the smell would just stick with me to where my daughter and girlfriend didn’t want to go near me for a hug or kiss. I hated that I knew it was slowly killing me. I hated how I couldn’t go for few hours or few drinks without having one before I get antsy and desperate for some nicotine. I also noticed I was starting to develop chest pains every morning I woke up and a quicker loss of breathe after more demanding activities. In the middle of August 2011, I decided I wanted to quit but didn’t really know how. I tried to quit cold turkey resulting in complete failure. I thought about Chantix, but after hearing some horror stories of friends and coworkers, I was too scared to try it and didn’t want to spend money on something that’s not guaranteed to work. So I was back trying to cold turkey my smoking habit for the remainder of 2011 and all throughout 2012 with little to no success. I tried slowly cutting back and other methods like using toothpicks to straws to get over the oral fixation with no success. I even tried one of the e-cigs available at the time (I’m sorry I cant remember the name of the brand at the time.) It looked like a cigarette and was decent, but with the lack of cartridges and support for the product, I quickly went back to the traditional tobacco cigarette. I gave up, and pretty much thought I was never going to quit. 2013 came around and I was still smoking, then one day at work, a coworker said he was going to quit smoking. Two weeks went by until I saw him again, and he told me he’s been without a cigarette for a week and still going strong. I was amazed, I had to know how because I couldn’t get through a day. I asked and he showed me, it was an e-cig, but not the one I tried before. It looked much larger and heavier. I know now it was a 710 battery with a clearomizer and liquid. I was kinda confused at first but he let me try it. I smoked a cigarette and then gave the e-cig a try. It was, different, but in a good way. I wasn’t completely sold on it yet, but I did notice it was much better than the one I had tried before. I gave it back to him and thought about it. A week later, I saw another coworker with a similar setup with a battery and clearomizer. I asked him about it and he told me he had not had a cigarette in two months! At that point I had to try it. It was now early April 2013, I had half a pack of cigarettes and waiting in line at the local smoke shop. I told the clerk that I wanted an e-cig, he pulled out one similar to the one I had before but when I saw a clearomizer, I told the clerk, I wanted whatever uses those. I left the shop with an AtmosRX Optimus 510 and two container of e-liquid with no name on it. For the rest of the day, I put it through its courses. I filled it with strawberry flavored e-liquid and began to vape. The whole day went by before I noticed I hadn’t had a cigarette. It was amazing to me and I fell in love with it. I enjoyed being tobacco free until the e-cig died on me. That half a pack I still had, took me a week finish instead of a day and I would only smoke a cigarette when I was was waiting for my e-cig to charge. I eventually bought an eGo Twist battery to alternate when one was charging and different e-liquids such as my current favorite Villain Vapor’s Bonnie & Clyde. After that pack if cigarettes was gone, I haven’t bought another since. I started using e-liquids with 18mg of nicotine and now moved down 12mg. I’m currently using Innoken’s iTaste MVP with a Kanger Protank and my eGo Twist with a Kanger Evod. I have been tobacco free for 2 months and still am. If it wasn’t for these products I’d still be smoking tobacco cigarettes. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to convert friends and family to e-cigs and feel better that we’re using a less hazardous alternative.