About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My name is Kerry Shotsman. I am a fifty year old woman, who had a stroke that affected my right hand, at age twelve. I smoked two packs of Winston Lights every day from age eighteen to age fifty. My Father smoked, and even though my Mother didn’t, nobody really cared what I did, so I started on my eighteenth birthday. I began trying to quit, cold turkey, at age twenty. That lasted about three days, then I began smoking, again. At age twenty-four, I became pregnant. Again, I tried to quit, cold turkey. After three days, my Father bought me a carton, and I went right back to smoking. Fortunately, nine months later, I gave birth to a full term seven pound fifteen ounce baby boy. The year was 1987, and after the baby was born, I continued to smoke until age thirty. At age thirty, I started therapy for some emotional issues. During each session, I would step out for a smoke, which prompted the therapist to suggest hypnosis. I had hypnosis six times, in total, always going back to smoking after about the third day. My Family Physician, my Parents, and Friends really began to irritate me whenever they would see me smoking, and finally, at age forty, I agreed to try the Patch. After seventeen hours the skin beneath the patch began to blister, and itch. By the time I went to the Doctor the next day, the Patch had to be removed, as I had hives everywhere on my body. Even my tongue and the soles of my feet. I lit a cigarette up in the car on the way back from the Doctor’s office, and felt like I would never be able to quit smoking! Each time I tried to quit after that, within three days, I would inevitably have a stressful day at work, and begin smoking again. I tried the lozenges and the gum, and each time, I developed hives within twenty-four hours. I was researching homeopathic cures for smoking in February, 2013, when I saw an ad for electronic cigarettes. After a little research, I was stunned to learn that the FDA doesn’t consider Nicotine a Carcinogen, unless it is a by-product of Tobacco smoking. So, I ordered a Provari. It was delivered on February 21, 2013. I have not wanted nor have I smoked a cigarette since, and after the first three drags on the Provari, I preferred Vapor! I like being able to choose my Strength of Nicotine, as well as my flavor of e-juice. I love being part of the supportive community of Vapers. It is NOT an exclusive hobby, but rather, an inclusive, and extremely helpful group of people that support each other’s decision to choose not to smoke for whatever reason! I have now also purchased a Vamo, am vaping less nicotine, but enjoying it far more, because my body, hair and home are fresh and clean. My husband enjoys my vaping because our home smells like heaven, he says, and he’s very happy that I quit smoking, because he enjoys my company! My Chihuahua is happy to breathe freely in her home, and she enjoys the walks that I am now able to take with her. I have not experienced any cough, or negative side effects, at all. My blood pressure, and Blood Glucose readings are now normal, for the first time in my life. Thank-you for representing us, the Vaping Community. If the Federal Government really cares so deeply about our health, why are they still selling Cigarettes? I believe their interests to be over-reaching and worse, their motivation, to be purely for their gain, NOT MINE! Thank-you for your time. Kerry Shotsman Colorado Springs