About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was 17. This developed into a 1,5 packs a day habit. As I grew oder, the urge to quit smoking became stronger. I had several unsuccessful quit attempts. One of them lasted for over a year. I tried gum, patches and cold turkey with poor results. About 3 years ago I spotted this Arnold Adree chweing tobacco and bought a can. It indeed took the craving away somewhat. But a week later they would no longer have them for sale. Then I looked in the internet. Not only did I find this chewing tobacco, but also swedisch Snus. I learned that it is not allowed to sell Snus in the EU. This lowered by faith into the EU quite a bit. But Snus was still avaiable on the internet, so I became a happy Snuser for more then a year. I quit smoking on day 1, but occasionally I still buy a pack of cigrarettes, but it would last me a month or even more. There was no oh my god, I am smoking again. This was beneificial for my self-respect, because I no longer suffered from the shame of doing something, I really should not do. Then it became more and more difficult to order Snus. Swedish match refused to deliver to the EU, and other brands were occasionally seized by the customs. So I tried the other alternative, namely the e-cigarette. That worked equally well, except there are a number of situations where I wouldn’t vape (e.g. in my office), wheas Snus can be consumed everywhere. So I am always happy to have a box of Snus around. I know for sure, that I will resort to cigarettes, should e-cigarette become too uninteresting and Snus remains banned. I also know for sure, that I will not become a smoker, when Snus and e-Cigrattes freely are available. The current discussion about the TPD made me feel angry and helpless. I couldn’t believe my ears when I listened to the hearings. The subject really isn’t that difficult. It really opened my eyes when I catually read some of the studies. It made it obvious that some are trying to fool me. Don’t let them fool you. Should the TPD be passed in its current form, then many of the involved will be percieved as having blood on their hands.