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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked 30+ years and was up to 3+ packs per day when I quit smoking entirely using e cigs on 2/17/10. I was given my first starter kit on 2/14/10 & within three days was done with smoking. Over the years I tried just about every method to quit…hypnosis, cold turkey, gum, patches, rx meds, you name it, to no avail. I was never able to totally quit, I’d still smoke while using whatever products I was using attempting to quit. When I used non nicotine containing methods I had really bad tremors due to the fact I have multiple sclerosis. Quitting by using e cigs has helped with that issue as i’m still getting the nicotine which is used in ms patients to control shaking and tremors. I started with and continue to use 16 to 18 Mg liquid primarily for that reason. This seems to be the level needed to control the tremors. I see several different physicians for various medical problems regularly, every four to eight weeks. They all totally support my use of electronic cigarettes. They all feel that while nothing other than total abstinence would be completely safe, e cigs are infinitely less dangerous than smoking. If I were to stop using e cigs I would need to use nicotine patches which would cost more than vaping. I have NO doubt that I would end up smoking again if I wasn’t vaping because I am fully aware that I was a nervous smoker. I always said that the main reason I smoked was nerves, and stress relief. It kept my hands busy, and it was mainly the habit, the activity of smoking I was addicted to and enjoyed. Now I have virtually the same activity in a far, far less dangerous form. I started vaping by using e cigs that looked like cigarettes, moved on to the slightly larger type stick batteries and within several months I was mainly using a passthrough with an electrical outlet adaptor before getting my first mod. For over two years I’ve been using mods exclusively. I prefer vaping at five volts or slightly higher. I’ve lost a couple close relatives to smoking related lung cancer and several more to various other types of cancer. I have no doubt I would have been headed toward the same fate. I only can hope I quit smoking in time to prevent that. I know without e cigs I’d still be smoking, and I know countless others who share very similar stories. People who smoked for decades and tried everything to quit and nothing worked until they tried e cigs. This is the only method I know of that addresses the habit. That was always my problem….trying to get beyond the wanting the activity of smoking. With vaping I’ve accomplished what I never could with any other method. By some miracle I never had a smoker’s cough, high blood pressure, any airway issues or any of the other issues typically related to smoking. My four children and extended family all hated my smoking, hated the smoke, the smell, etc. They all begged me for years to please quit. I tried, and tried again, and tried some more. I really didn’t have any hope of successfully being able to quit anymore. I can honestly say that the starter kit I received was the best gift I’ve ever been given in my life and it has likely given me additional years of life that I probably would not have had continuing to smoke. As long as I can use e cigs I will never smoke again.