About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked for over 20 years. A little over a month ago I started using an eGo Twist and Kanger T3/EVOD eCig with low levels of nicotine juice (6mg) and was able to wean myself down to 0mg nicotine juice with no adverse or disruptive effects (mood, eating, sleeping, etc). During the period of vaping the 6mg juice, I bummed 4 cigarettes over the course of 4 weeks. My intent in quitting was to supplement cigarette smoking with transitional vaping but found the vaping to be so easy to adapt to that it just made more sense to not buy cigarettes at all. I currently have absolutely no desire to smoke a cigarette and find that to be miraculous. Earlier in the year I had tried to quit using Nicorette gum but was only able to reduce my consumption (1 pack a day to half a pack), and ultimately resumed the 1 pack a day habit. Last year I tried SNUs but didn’t quite get the hang of it and didn’t like the look/feel of a ‘chaw’ lump in my cheek/lip. With neither the Nicorette nor SNUs did I feel confident in the substitute to quit cigarettes entirely. I sleep better overall and don’t wake up tired. My clothes and skin don’t smell of smoke. People treat me differently because I don’t smell like smoke. I get less anxious overall, and don’t feel like I’ve traded an addiction to cigarettes for an addiction to the eCig. I enjoy vaping 0mg juices but it’s almost like smoking a pipe I think…it’s relaxing, often I don’t even inhale, the vapor is pleasing and smells aromatic and doesn’t offend others that may be around me. I’m a pretty active person regardless, but I feel like I’ve been able to extend my stamina and endurance during cardio. Sounds silly but the world seems kinda brighter overall.