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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I smoked cigarettes for maybe 20 years. I quit once in 1997 cold-turkey but started again in 2000. In April 2013 I realized I had to quit and tried the patch, gum and lozenges but I always wanted a cigarette anyway. After trying e-cigs I have quit regular cigarettes entirely and do not have a desire to start again, it’s been about two months. Benefits have included the return of my sense of smell and taste, no coughing, better lung capacity and physical endurance, less sweating during exercise. Also I had a problem with sinus swelling for 3 years for which I used Afrin several times a day, that issue just disappeared after a few days using e-cigs. I am aware that correlation does not equal causation but the only changes were the addition of e-cigs and the removal of standard cigs. Also under the correlation-does-not-equal-causation-but-it-happened column is that I have started to lose weight again. Last year I was at 260, lost 30 lbs and sort of got stuck there, after quitting smoking and starting e-cigs I am down to 220. The thing about e-gigs is that they are a nicotine dosing method which mimics and betters the cigarette. With cigs there is a feeling of instant gratification, and you can smoke one or ten or none. With a patch, lozenge or gum the dosing is over a lengthier time at lower levels, which really doesn’t answer the cravings effectively because cravings are mostly transient. Even better, e-cigs do not require the user to smoke an entire cigarette or waste one by putting it out halfway through, one can vape as much or as little as one wants. Regarding complete cessation, I started with a strong nicotine content, 24mg, and am now down to 6mg. For whatever my self-reported experience is worth, I see myself completely quitting nicotine and not using e-cigs in time. Regarding the cost and availability of e-cigs, it actually costs me more to use e-cigs as I was making my own cigarettes for many years and the cost was negligible. Patches/lozenges/gum were much more expensive, e-cigs are somewhere in the middle. However if e-cigs were something I needed a prescription for and cost too much, I most likely would never have started using them. Lastly, if it matters, I use a Vision 400mah spinner with an Evod, a Kamry K100/AGA-T2(.9 ohm, 28ga, SS400, efest IMR18350), and a Vamo/ProTank.