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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

My own story is an interesting testament to the power of these little devices… In 2009 I was working as the quality manager in a machine shop where I had the freedom to smoke anywhere in the shop, but it in the office area. I was a 3+ pack a day smoker who had been smoking for over 40 years. Over the years I’d tried to quit several times, I tried everything from cold turkey, to acupuncture, injections in the sinus cavity (hurt like a bitch), hypnosis, NRT (gum, patches, inhalers), Wellbutrin… NOTHING worked! I had finally said, To Hell With IT! and figured I’d be a life long smoker. Years later, in 2009 I was ENJOYING my cigarettes. I had NO desire, and NO intention to quit. Then sometime in July the general manager got fired, and they split up his duties between the sales manager, the production manager, and myself… The end result was I was having to spend more and more time in the office where I couldn’t smoke. I was finding excuses to go out into the shop every chance I got where I could light up a smoke… My work was suffering, and everyone knew what I was doing and why… Hell, people were openly joking about it, because the cigarette would be in my mouth and my zippo was lit before I even opened the office door. My lungs were full of smoke before I had taken 1 full step into the shop! At lunch one day a friend of mine from years back told me about the Njoy e-cigarette. I vaped on his for a bit, and though it was expensive as hell, I figured it MIGHT be the thing just for when I was in the office. So I bought a kit. Of course Njoy had their own names for everything, but I later found out that this deluxe kit was simply 2 automatic stick batteries, 2 801 atomizers, a charger, and a 5 pack of prefilled cartridges. The replacement cartridges were God Awful expensive, but I was just going to use it in the office, so they SHOULD last a while… By now it was mid August, and this thing was working out pretty well. I was only going out for a smoke at breaks, lunch, and whenever I had a legitimate reason to go into the shop. I still had no intention of giving up my cigarettes. I LOVED MY CIGARETTES! Through the rest of August and all of September this routine served me well… I was now vaping everyplace I couldn’t smoke, restaurants, the hospital, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc… I just kept my e-cig in my pocket beside my pack of cigs and was good for whatever the situation called for, but I STILL LOVED MY CIGS and had NO desire or intention to give them up… But one day in early October, I noticed that more often than not when I reached for a smoke, it was the e-cigarette that I pulled out of my pocket and not the Doral?!? At 12:15 pm on October 14th 2009 I was sitting in my car, and had just finished my lunch, and reached for my after lunch cigarette when I realized that I had the same pack of Dorals in my pocket that I’d opened 3 days before. That was the last cigarette I’ve ever smoked. I threw the rest of the pack away on my way back into the building, and I’ve been a dedicated vaper ever since. In about a month and 1/2 It will be 4 years since my last smoke. Everyone has their own story and some are similar and some are not, but the point to take with you from mine is that I NEVER INTENDED TO QUIT SMOKING!!! We’re not allowed to hype e-cigs as a device to help people quit. But, at least in my case, e-cigs are responsible for taking away my cigarettes even though I was not trying to give them up? Did they help me quit? No! They quit for me with no conscious effort on my part at all. Yes, I’ve had cravings since then, hell I still do on occasion… But I’ve never backslid, or fallen off the wagon even for 1 smoke. I drip a few drops of double strength juice into a 510 low resistance atty and within 3 or 4 good toots those cravings vanish like smoke rings in the dark! Over the last 4 years my vaping has turned into more of a hobby than addiction… Yes, I still use nicotine, and I vape 6+ mils a day. The strength varies up and down depending on my mood, stress, anxiety level anywhere from 6mg to 24mg. But I collect devices like the dryer filter collects lint! If anything, THAT’s the addiction. I have many mods from simple battery/atomizer combinations all the way to variable voltage/variable wattage big battery passthrough mods with the latest e-liquid tanks or rebuild-able atomizers. No legislation can stop me from vaping. I can and do sometimes mix my own e-liquid, build my own coils, and have the ability to build my own personal vaporizer from the ground up. I am a master stealth vaper and can vape anyplace any time with no one standing right beside me being aware of the fact that I am vaping if I don’t want them to. I never intended to stop smoking, but I did. I don’t intend to stop vaping, but who knows what the future holds.