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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hi. I was born in 1967, smoked from 1984 to 2009, quit with snus. I didn’t try to quit until 2009. When I did, I first used nicotine mint-flavored pills. Stupidly, I decided to limit my consumption in order to quit nicotine more quickly. I also used an inhaler from time to time, plus a patch. When that didn’t work out, I saw a doctor, a so-called specialist (a psychiatrist) who made me fill a huge form about the reasons why I was attempting to quit and so on. He explained to me that addiction was essentially psychological (the gesture, etc.) and that he intended to give me a prescription for a small dose of anti-depressant. That didn’t sound good, and I was still badly craving a cigarette, so when I was on the verge of going out and buy a pack, I decided to order some snus from a website instead. The snus arrived about a week later. I haven’t even wanted to smoke since then. Here is what I learnt: – some people quit easily, some don’t (I don’t). – the habit, the gesture of smoking, the social aspect, all these things are of no importance at all. Losing the habit of holding a cigarette is like losing the habit of biting your nails. It’s easy. As long as the brain receives the right dose of tobacco, there is no point in lighting an object. Snus is actually much more convenient than a cigarette. – It’s probably not only nicotine. I can’t be sure, but snus seems much more satisfying than nicotine pills, patches or inhalers. Maybe it was the dose, maybe not. – One of the reasons why I wanted to quit was because tobacco had become a problem thanks to the social pressure, the taxes and the petty persecutions from the government toward smokers. I hoped that I wouldn’t have to think about tobacco. But thanks to the EU ban, I have to stockpile snus and find various ways of procurement. That is quite boring. – Finally and more generally, having been through a relative withdrawal period, I think that tobacco has probably some very good effects on the brain. It is stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Even if I could quit completely and not suffer from withdrawal, I think my life would not be as good without tobacco as it is with an innocuous tobacco product like snus. As for the addiction, as long as the product is not bad, addiction is only a problem when the product is lacking, and when that happens, that only means that you quit, so where’s the problem. There, I hope it helps. Thanks.