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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hello. My name is J.J. McCampbell, and I was a smoker of cigarettes for 35 years. I started smoking full time at age 15. For about 20 years, I smoked filtered cigarettes, then I tried quitting. I failed with patches, pills, and the nicotine gum. I started hand rolling my own cigarettes to lower the cost and to discourage my habit, and I got down to about ten cigarettes a day, but I started buying non-filtered cigarettes when I got too lazy to roll them anymore. I had not enjoyed my smoking for many years, but I just couldn’t stop. Then I saw a friend with an electronic cigarette. I had tried some of the ecigs that look like a real cigarette, but none of them delivered a strong enough, satisfying enough throat hit, which is the actual feeling of the smoke or vapor going down your throat. But this friend had a fancy one that looked like an expensive pen. He allowed me to taste his, and I knew from that very moment that this was the answer. I went online and and bought one from an American company, based near my own hometown. I have not had a single cigarette since the arrival of my first Electronic Cigarette. I started using it, and I had no desire to smoke an actual tobacco cigarette. I started out with an Ego C, and since have graduated to Variable voltage devices. At first, I needed tobacco flavored juice to kind of satisfy my craving for the cigarette taste. I started using fruit flavored juices, and now I use about 3 different flavors on a regular basis. Mochaccino, Watermelon Hookah, and Fruity Cool Pop are my current three faves. I like the fact that I have made a disconnect between the taste of tobacco and pleasure. There are so many better tasting things than tobacco. Anyway, I have written enough I think. Please don’t take Electronic cigarettes of any type away! Within three days, my nose cleared up. I had suffered with post nasal drip for over twenty years. Within two weeks, I coughed up my first Hockey Puck, which was about 1/3 of a cup of dark grey mucus with large solid black chunks in it, about the size of a hockey puck. I had another one come up two months later. Actually, I should say that was the one that eliminated my COPD, because my Doctor is amazed at the improvement in my overall health. My COPD is pretty much gone. I still cough up a chunk every now and then, but less and less. My energy levels are great. My blood pressure is down. All of the benefits of being a non-smoker, while I never had to quit my nicotine. The invention of the electronic cigarette allowed me to stop doing something that I never thought I would be able to stop; which is smoking. The main ingredients in electronic cigarette liquid are all FDA approved for uses in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry, and have been widely tested and documented by the FDA. 1. Water 2. vegetable glycerine 3. Propylene Glycol (used as a carrier fluid in asthma inhalers) 4. Food Flavoring 5. Nicotine dilute Cigarettes contain many more toxic substances, and the act of smoking deposits tar, or smoke resin inside the lungs. Electronic cigarettes deposit no smoke resins, as no actual smoke is created, because no combustion is taking place. It is a steam produced from heating the fluid with an atomizer. The vapor that is exhaled by the user is almost odorless, and dissipates quickly, and doesn’t accumulate in a room, even with multiple people using electronic cigarettes. The impact that this device has had on the life of myself and my family has been 100% positive. I am terrified that the cigarette companies are going to push lawmakers into banning electronic cigarettes to keep people buying their product. These devices have gotten more people to stop smoking than any other method I have seen.