About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I started smoking when I was sixteen years old. I thought it would make me look rebellious and cool. Little did I know then that I would become addicted to cigarettes and would be unable to quit even when I wanted to. By the time I reached eighteen years old, I was already smoking a pack a day. From my college years on until just about 2 months ago I was a heavy smoker who managed to choke down 2 packs a day. It became obvious to me over the years that smoking was bad for me,and I really wanted to quit but I was hopelessly addicted. The need and desire to quit became even more serious when I was diagnosed with diabetes about 10 years ago. I did try to quit. I feel like I tried just about everything. I tried Chantix, Wellbutrin, Nicotine patches, Nicotine gum, hypnosis, cold turkey, and the cigalike type of e-cigarettes. None of those things worked for me. It wasn’t until about three months ago that I discovered there were more effective and higher quality e-cigarettes out there that had a small tank on it that you could fill with what is called e-liquid. I did a lot of research on the internet and learned about all the different types of e-cigs, atomizers, and clearomizers etc. When I felt like I was ready, I finally bought a starter kit and some juices to use. On 6/01/2013 I had my last cigarette and began vaping full time. Fast forward to today(79 days later) and I have not had even one puff off of a cigarette. I don’t have to. I am just as satisfied with vaping as I was with smoking. I feel like I have really accomplished something here. I finally quit smoking. Nothing else had worked for me but this has. I am confident that over the course of time I can reduce my nicotine intake and cure myself of nicotine addiction. I really never want to go back to smoking. A major factor that has helped me quit is the myriad of choices I have in e-juices/liquids. Any flavor under the sun you can think of you can usually find online. I have found over the course of time that I cannot stand the taste of tobacco. I cannot vape any tobacco flavored juices. They make me literally gag. I am more drawn to sweet, fruit flavors. I have heard about the possibility of laws passing that would limit e-liquid flavors to tobacco and menthol. This would be a nightmare for me. I don’t believe that I could continue vaping if this were to happen, but I don’t think I could quit vaping and stay away from cigarettes. If this were to happen, I believe I would start smoking again. I really really do not want to do that. What I am doing now is working, and it is working specifically because I am able to vape non-tobacco and non-menthol flavors that I enjoy. I do indeed plan to quit vaping one day, but I want it to be through my own style and on my own timeline. I am absolutely positive that my health has improved since i started vaping instead of smoking. I can breathe easier, and I don’t get winded as easily as I used to. I can smell and taste again. Any vaper who used to be a smoker will tell you the same thing. It’s just a healthier alternative in my opinion. Yes it would be better for me to not take in nicotine at all. I know that, but does it not seem logical to find a healthier delivery system that actually works while on my path to independence from nicotine? Regulating this market to the point that it cannot operate the way it does now would be counterproductive to any kind of agenda related to health. I am sure it would turn a large percentage of vapers back into smokers. If anyone who has any aims to regulate to this industry is reading this or is being read this, I am begging you to please please please leave it alone and operate the way it is now. The health of thousands of people who have finally found a method to quit smoking is at stake. Believe us. We are the ones that will suffer.