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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Good Afternoon, I am 50 years old and until a year ago, I was a smoker. I smoked for many years. I tried everything to quit, wanted desperately to quit, but never could quit. I tried Chantix, nicotine gum, hypnosis, counseling, and guilt. Nothing worked I would get short of breath walking up stairs, had a cough all the time, and would wake up in the morning with my lungs feeling tight and it was hard to breath. I was limited in the activities that I could do with my children, which was the worst part of all. One year ago,I was told about e-cigarettes,and as a desperate measure, decided to give it a try. I use an e-cig mod and have chosen Organic eliquid with 100% VG. I have always been on 12% nicotine and have not increased it over time. One week later, and to this day, I am no longer a smoker. There were two times when I found myself without my e-cig for a few hours because the battery ran out, and I, on both occasions, went and bought a pack of cigarettes….Now I keep extra batteries to avoid this happening again. I am no longer short of breath at all. I no longer have a cough. My chest is not tight in the morning, and I am once again active with my children. It has truly saved my heath, my quality of life, and my wallet more than I can begin to express in an email. There are hundreds of thousands of ex-smokers who found the strength to quit smoking with the use of e-cigarettes. To make e-cigs illegal while allowing regular cigarettes to be sold causes me to wonder if any person against e-cigarettes has been paid off by tobacco companies or the pharmaceutical companies to create and sell cancer treatment drugs and equipment. Why else would a person take away such an amazing tool that has allowed so many people to quit smoking? There are many reasons why people start smoking, some of it is a genetic predisposition. E-cigs are a smoking cessation tool. If you are concerned that non smokers might start smoking in order to use a e-cig, doubtful, but if someone is going to start smoking, they are going to start smoking. E-cigs could give them a much less harmful product. You allow regular cigarettes with KNOWN health risks, known addictive additives, known, carcinogens, to be legal, but want to ban e-cigarettes? Does not compute!!! E-cigs can only be sold to those 18 years and older. Right now, the government benefits from the taxes paid on these products. Make them illegal, and there will be a thriving black market that you have completely removed each State from the financial benefit of. E-cig smokers will continue to get their e-cig supplies. It only takes one look back at prohibition to see that over regulating and prohibiting a product that so many people use, will end badly and promote rather than inhibit the use of the product. I am a smoker. I will continue to smoke. E-cigs prevent me from the long list of harmful side effects that regular cigarettes do. My body, my life, my choices. I do not need legislators making the assumption that they know better than me what is best for me and my life and then enforcing their assumptive beliefs onto me. I am not sure why you are so concerned with a smoking cessation product yet do nothing to take the highly lethal regular cigarette continue to be sold. Please, refocus on what you KNOW to be deadly and harmful, take care of the tiger that is chasing you right now, and worry about declawing house cats later. Feel free to call me or email me if you want to gain a deeper understanding of life as an ex smoker who now uses an e-cigarette. Thank you, Helena Marrow 4318 Gardner Street Sterling Heights, MI 48310 248 330-5406