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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Well I started smoking at ten years old so when i finally successfully quit I was forty two so I smoked for roughly 32 years . I have been wanting to quit for about 5 years . I tried product after product and nothing worked , I work for a class one railroad , so my job can be stressful . One day one of my co-workers was vaping a blu e-cigarette , It got me wondering but I had already tried an e-cigarette that was just plain nasty . While I make a decent living I still don’t like to blow money so I was curios but not ready to try it again . The next day I said hey I know this is probably not the most sanitary thing to ask , but do you mind if I try your blu. He said sure try it , I did and the taste was ok . The next morning I stopped at wal-mart and picked up a product called fin the taste was not bad but I was determined to quit . so I suffered through some not so tasty e juice and even picked up some refills my curiosity sparked a bunch of web searches , I found a bunch of over priced cig a like style products . Determined to make sense of why people on forums loved vaping I dug deeper , I even asked on a forum where to find cheaper cartos , and thats where it happened , this guy pointed me to a you tube video about filling cartos with good juice . I watched and as anybody knows when you look up a video about something it also gives you other videos so i found more videos I think I came across most of the popular people who review these products so I watched a bunch of videos , which sparked a web search for local e juice stores . It turns out I live in north Florida and a place called ovale is really close , so off I go to ovale they sold me some juice and the ego-c kit I still use to this day . I got a little frustrated with burnt taste every now and then and a little leaking so more you tube videos and so imagination has kept the ego-c kits working . But since then I have been watching the vape team and listening to podcast about the community and I have started making my own e-juice and let me just say vaping has saved my life . I feel better I can taste things now vaping is truly a godsend.