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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

Hi ! I started smoking nearly 37 years ago, I tried several times to quit using various methods, including Wellbutrin and Chantix, the Wellbutrin helped me cut back fro about 5 months but I seemed to build a tolerance, I ended up smoking just as much as before! The Chantix caused me to have severe itching all over my body, my Dr. said it was a severe side effect and to quit immediately taking it! Approximately 1& 1/2 years ago my Mom told me she heard about E-Cigs and perhaps they would help me, she was very concerned about my smoking as my Dad had passed away at age 69 due to lung cancer! I tried a disposable and it helped me to cut back, I will be honest , I fell off the wagon a few times due to the high cost! I found a very helpful consumer forum which gave me advice on different types such as re-chargeable ones which cost a lot less, I am doing so much better on my smoking of regular toxic cigarettes than I ever have in my life sue to E-Cigs! I sincerely pray they are not banned as I would end up totally smoking regular toxic cigarettes all over again , thereby causing my body to be right back in the sorry shape it was prior to using the E-Cig! I am able to breathe much better, and just enjoy life more thanks to E-Cigs! My Dr. also is in agreement that they are far better than toxic regular gigarettes! Thank you for allowing me to share my reasons why I feel E- Cigs have helped me so tremendously! Sincerely, Gloria