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Could it please be made clear to all government departments, the tobacco industry and big pharmaceutical companies that if any bans or regulations are applied to electronic cigarettes, that restrict the use of nicotine, then vendors will be selling nicotine seperately from any base liquids and flavourings used to make liquids for electronic cigarettes. Pure nicotine is available as a stand alone product from various online vendors already. No kind of regulations or bans will stop consumers using nicotine in liquids for electronic cigarettes. Vendors cannot be banned from selling flavourings for e liquids. Vendors cannot be banned from selling base liquids such as Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. And vendors cannot be banned from selling hardware used for vapourizing nicotine liquid. The only difference any bans or regulations would make would be to premade nicotine liquids and disposable cigalike electronic cigarettes. It will make no bloody difference to the existing market.