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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

When i first attempted to quit with vaping back in 2009 i was tired of quitting and failing. I quit once for a few months back in 97. Then i quit for over a year when my ex-wife got pregnant with my beautiful daughter in 2000. I started back the day we became exes. I left the house and drove straight to the store to buy smokes. Of course leaving my wife and daughter is no excuse but thats pretty much as stressful of an event to restart i could imagine. I felt i was loosing the reason i wasnt smoking so why not smoke again. Back in 09 i did some research but i dont think the amazing equipment available today was around back then. Hell the kits came from China and were held in customs for a couple months on a regular basis. It was a kit with 2 Lookalike cigs, a charger and some carts. Needless to say, they were a freakin major hassle to deal with. Constant flooding, ejuice in the mouth, burnt fluff….In my mind it was more hassle then it was worth so bam, back into the nasty analogs i fell. Fast forward to Feb 2012. A woman that i have known for over 15yrs finally became available. We were able to start our lives together and we have never been happier. I always told her that someday i would quit and the time was now!!! I was tired of wheezing in my sleep. I was tired of being breathless at anything i did. Ive always been a gym rat and played sports and my breathing was becoming progressively worse. I hated the way i was feeling, she hated the way i smelled but dealt with me cuz she loves me. I started researching again thinking, its been 3yrs, technology has gotten to have moved forward in this arena as it does everywhere else. And low and behold it had!!! As i looked more and more i was actually overwhelmed with my choices now!! The ECF forum helped tremendously, but still what to get, what to use, will i be disappointed again?!?!? In the vaping world, to each his/her own means alot. Everyone is different in what they prefer, what works for them and the opinions are many!! Well the first tank i got was a cartomizer with orings on top and bottom and a hole punched cart. It worked Awesome for the first few days!! Then i travelled up into the mountains one evening for a wine/dinner thing and bam, the problems started. Flooded Carts with a mouthful of ejuice. i carried extra carts and they flooded too!! UGH!!! Panic set in. i stopped at the local gas n go and bought a pack of analogs. Took 2 hits and i couldnt stand the taste so i chucked them and decided to suck it up till i got home and could do something about it. On the drive home as i noticed a water bottle caving in from the altitude change, it dawned on me. The carts were flooding due to the pressure change from altitude. Everything will be ok when we get home. I had some spares there and sure enough it was fine on a swapout. After 8 days the orings started leaking on my tank(citrusy juice is bad for rubber apparently). I went to the maintenance dept at work and got some new ones and fixed that problem. Boiling cartos to clean them, punching extra holes, altitude causing issues, leaking orings, i felt i was back in the same boat again. More hassle then they were worth. So i started looking again determined not to fail this time. I found the Vision VIVI Nova tank. My prayers werent necessarily answered but it was a helluva lot better than the carto tank i was using. It still had its issues here and there but no where near as bad as the first tank. Incidentally, a few days after i started vaping, i walked by the guys i always went out to have a smoke with at work and they freakin REEKED!!! I immediately called my lady and asked her, did i smell that bad?? She said OH Yes you did!!! I apologized deeply cuz that was a wretched smell to say the least!!! I now have 100% of my lung capacity back and no longer have to worry about being out of breath, wheezing, stinking or anything associated with those nasty ass analogs!!!! My energy level dropped off a bit on initial quit but it rapidly returned after a couple weeks. Now about the social aspect of Vaping!! I can say, without a doubt i would rather explain to people what im doing, what it is, the benefits ive received from it and maybe even encourage someone to try it than dealing with the aspects of analogs. Cancer, COPD, emphysema, and the thousands of other issues and nasties associated with them. The great thing is explaining to people what it is and what it does. Ive even got my mom vaping. I smoked 28 yrs, shes smoked at least 50. She loves it and i love that fact that she was open enough to try it and now loves vaping. Even at the casino!! So i encourage any of you thinking of quitting analogs to most definitely do it and never give up, Vaping is a godsend. And to those that have quit…BRAVO