About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’ve lived for many years now, 65 to be exact. I began smoking at 14 years of age after my father, a man tortured by having lived an awful childhood, took his own life. I was told his death was accidental which was probably easier on me than the truth. My devastated mother had little left to give a quiet bookish girl who didn’t demand attention as my younger sister did or turn to her peers as my teen age older sister did. I quietly began smoking my mothers cigarettes as I hid in the tops of trees on our land, still reading my books. Cigarettes quickly became my every day companions. I loved smoking and was certainly addicted to nicotine almost as soon as I began smoking. After many years I became concerned about my health and also influenced by peer pressure not to smoke, so tried to stop; many times, with many different methods and aids. I’ve tried them all and I failed time after time. I tried gum, patches, hypnotism, lozenges and cold turkey. I was failing. I was a failure. Yes that failure affected my confidence, my social life and even my job prospects but I couldn’t shake the addiction. Today I sit in my room in my big easy chair doing things that 14 year old girl couldn’t have easily conceived of. I’m writing my story on a little cell phone (upon which I was browsing the net when I became aware of this project) I’m drinking tea made with the instant hot water I drew from my tap, and I am smoking an electronic cigarette that provides surcease for my need for nicotine, burns nothing and provides water vapor instead of smoke as a medium for alleviating the pain caused by attempting to ditch my addiction. My family and my doctor applaud me, approve my choice and encourage me to continue to use my E-cigarette. No longer a social pariah or at grave medical risk because of smoking cigarettes, I am well pleased with my self and my world because of Electronic Cigarettes which enabled me to quit the deadly cancer causing addiction. I now see myself as a happy well adjusted twenty first century woman. LOL (or laughs out loud) as we say in many on-line communities. That is my story. I hope it is useful or even entertaining to those who may read it. I do wish you well. Sincerely, Dona Burns MD, USA