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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I would like to tell you my experience of smoking and e cigarettes. I started smoking at age 12 (1957) and I smoked every day until 1993 smoking as many as 40 a day. I did not like smoking. I was short of breath, smelt bad, my mouth tasted bad so I decided one day to stop. I stopped for 14 years which was good. No more shortness of breath, bad smell or bad taste in the mouth. Everything was good except I started to have mental problems that caused me to be bad tempered, panicky, depressed to the point of suicidal and really did not like myself at all. One day in a bar in Georgia USA where there was country music beer and good company. There was also cigarettes and I decided to try one. Well I was back on cigarettes. Once again I was short of breath, smelt bad and had a bad taste in my mouth but my mental state slowly improved to the point where I am quite a happy person now. It seems to me that my long exposure to cigarettes had altered something in my brain. I had visited the doctor many times and had tried many drugs (from the doctor) but none of them made me feel as good as cigarettes. I still had the problems with smoking plus I now had to do it outside in the cold. I found e cigarettes and after reading all I could about them decided to give them a try. Well they are good, very good. I can have all the good things about cigarettes but without the bad ones. I do not believe I can ever go without nicotine but before e cigarettes I had the choice of a miserable life or a short one on real cigarettes. I only blame myself for ever starting smoking but I cannot go back and change that now. E cigarettes have given me a way forward and I would recommend all smokers to change to them. My research has found no scientific evidence that they are bad for my health even from the Americans who want it banned. Every objection to e cigs that they have brought up has been fully answered by research by the pro e cig side. I believe the current providers of e cig equipment have been very careful to only sell to people like me. No young people, no non smokers and I believe that they should be allowed to continue just as they are. I do agree that there should be some control over the products but they are already covered by sale of goods act and electrical safety legislation. It only needs to be properly applied. Banning the sale to the public from abroad would be sensible to ensure that only devices the meet safety and quality standards are available. I believe it is the case that you cannot buy cigarettes online from aboard already, of course that is for tax reasons which seem to be far more important than health. I there is anything further you would like to know or any scientific proof and opinion, I have tons of it and would be pleased to share it with you. David Moger