About RightToVape.org
Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

For all you sceptics out there. For several years I watched the e-cig thing and blew it off as a fad. I have smoked 2 plus packs cigarettes for over 30 years and the last two years, cigar type cigarettes. I’ve lost track of the times I have tryed to quit. Tried most all over the counter and auction site assist. No real luck. I just love to smoke. OK, so now what. Let’s give the e-cig a try, what can it hurt? Tried a disposable, OK, its different but lacks something. Then a good friend suggested I give the more complicated e-cigs a shot. So I went this route, started with higher nicotine level, planning a decrese 1 step down each week. In 2 days set down combustible cigarettes. Week 8, down to almost no nicotine, around 2mg., have not touched or wanted a regular cigarette and enjoying a mocca capuccino instead of tobacco. I now find it very hard to be around a regular smoker. I did not realize how bad the odor and secondhand smoke was. I also noticed within a few days, I started feeling better, all over. Maybe even more alive. Ok , its still a form of smoking, I’ll give u that. However, all my friends and associates are supportive and have noticed the positive outcome thus far. I use the e-cig at least 60% less now that when I started. Further note, I do not support e-cigs to minors in any way, shape or form, without or with nicotine, flavored or flavorless,. I do not support flagerant e-smoking, especially in public. Flagerant meaning to me, in your face with an attitude. This is my story and my experience. Furthermore, I do not encourage smoking to anyone. Never start, it’s not worth it, literally.