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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

To put it point blank at 18 I tried out blueberry flavored cigars as the very first tobacco product other then trying a puff on a cigarette at age 9 when an older friend snook one out of one of his own parents packs left open where he could get at it. I gagged on the first inhale! Once out working while on lunch breaks I would puff on the Mureal blueberry cigars and occasionally cherry flavor when one store was out until the blueberry were no longer being sold. Then years passed without any tobacco at all until the late 70s came along working long hours at night with long breaks too! Due to having severe allergies since about age 9-10 I had an urge to grab a pack of KOOLs out of a vending machine one night and made a biggie! I found the menthol helped control the hay fever and other environmental allergies while not wanting to rely on pharmaceticals once I finally got in to see an allergy specialist! Seldane then prescribed was soon taken off the market while I had figured why bother with that when I was still lighting 3 packs a night! Now we are here in the year 2013 and things have seen a change! After discussing looking into alternarives to help quit tobacco products entirely with a friend who still is not set on that we agreed to look into electronic cigarettes as a viable and cheaper option. The first disposable ecigs weren’t going to do it! An ecig with blank refillable cartimizers at first before getting additional information on clearomizers and larger eGo batteries which have now collected! a new eliquids vendor as well as the few flavors of eliquids sold by the next ecig brand went over much better! At the personal level a sibling who belongs to a wholesale club picked up an additional carton of KOOLs despite being told they would no longer be needed since vaping menthol with or without nicotin at all was proving to control the constant struggle with allergies and was actually working out better since lighting up a KOOL at this is repulsive as if you were lighting up something else loaded with chemicals were are being far more noticable! The idea for still lighting up however is to leave BAD MEMORY in the long term memory since back in 1980 I had quit smoking entirely for 7-8months when someone I was dating wanted me to. When that didn’t go anywhere and still out in the clubs on weekends at a time when everyone was still lighting up the Bad Habit was picked up on again! shame on you! Not only has the amount of smoking over time proceedingly already having gone from 2-3 packs daily down in time over the years to only a half pack as the daily average. Price inscreases as well as taxes and simpy not having as much as the urge has been a factor for the most part. Once the vaping started however I was soon down even further to only 5-7 daily by the end of 2012! And yet NO NICOTIN WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS showing there is a lot of Media Hype on nicotin while the real addition besides the smoking experience is the aditiives tobacco companies lace into their products which some have already been proved to be carcinogens! At this time only a few packs are left being weaned off at 2-4 only aa day until gone and the pain and tightening in the chest area as well as room spinning and bitter taste as well as smell is making that a Can’t wait until it is finally over! type situation! Vaping has revealed the samage to lung tissue already seen by smoking tobacco products and need to urge others to at least cut down on their consumption if not able to quit entirely! The 2012 Xmas gifts for some were easy items to pick out namely electronic cigarette starter kits for some long time smokers! One of them certainly needs to cut back being a chain smoker and constantly coughing while another just had major surgery involving arteries! Here I started suffering the symptoms of PAD feet back in late spring 1990 which would come and go at first over that entire decade but came on full force and feet remain swollen since 2002! Any eliquids ordered for personal use whill now no longer see any nicotin level while I still may be testing some samples for a recent family owned startup type eliquids business since I invested in a variety of ecig batteries in various sizes. My New Years resolution however will soon be realized of no longer seeing any tobacco period! Once the last few packs are gone I toss the lighter and call it a GOOD DAY!!!