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Right To Vape is an international database and repository. It contains testimonials of adults who have switched from combustible and unsafe oral tobacco products to safer nicotine alternatives.

I’ll try to keep this short. I have been a smoker for 50+ years. I have attempted to quit repeatedly, using everything under the sun to help, but with no long-term success. A friend gave me my first unit, suggesting I give it a try. I was unconvinced, having tried so many things, but figured what can it hurt to try. My Father died with an Oxygen bottle in his hand, and truthfully I was lining myself up for the same. I spent 2 hours every morning coughing and spewing gunk before I could breathe anything like normal, and my lungs were NEVER really clear anymore, there was always some wheezing and rattling going on down there, and a cold would last for a month. So I began using the PV. In the beginning, not actually trying to quit, but figuring that for every cigarette I didn’t smoke the better off I’d be. There was some concern due to Health Canada’s warning against them, but I’ve come to mistrust Government warnings which favour essentially the same product (Nicotine) in a different delivery system. Good for one, good for all. Nicorette has no business being granted a near monopoly on non combusted nicotine delivery, especially since their products are FAR MORE LIKELY to result in a poisoning. They make me ill in fact, and was the reason the product failed to help. After a week I had only burned 4 1/2 cigarettes! (Not bad for a pack a day smoker) by the second week I was off cigarettes and using my PV exclusively. As an experiment I tried to smoke a regular cigarette and got the surprise of my life! Now let me start by saying that we have ALL tried to quit, and had some success for a few days, but that lovers Kiss that you get when you take a few puffs feels SOOOOOO good it sucks you right back in. Over, and over, and over again. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: When I smoked that cigarette (or tried to) it was SO FOUL TASTING on the first puff that it shocked me. With the second puff I could actually FEEL the smoke soaking into the tissue giving an stinging tingling numbing effect, by the third puff I could feel the negative effect on my bronchial tubes, and threw it away. MOST IMPORTANTLY, because my blood level of nicotine hadn’t thrown me into a craving state, there was NO LOVERS KISS, just the very nasty like licking an ashtray the girls always talked about when kissing a smoker, the feel of all those carcinogenic chemicals as they were absorbed by my tissue. EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO QUIT. That was the day I KNEW I HAD FINALLY QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES. Granted I am still ingesting nicotine, but stand alone I have eliminated hundreds (or even thousands depending on who you listen to) of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals from my day to day life. That alone should be enough to demonstrate the potential benefit of these systems, as the long term health benefits of removing these substances should be self apparent, and not require proof through long term study. Just reverse the logic of everything we know about smoking tobacco. This shouldn’t require a bunch of Bull Shit further research to be recognized as a viable alternative for people like me. I have been smoke free for several months now. My lungs have cleared up remarkably and I feel that this has literally added years to my life. Come on people… Harm reduction should be a good enough reason to allow the public access to these products. (the only reason you’re dragging your feet is because of the squabble over who gets to tax the juice, and the anti smoking product lobby trying to keep it out of their market). WAKE UP AND DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR A CHANGE – THESE THINGS WORK!